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ZST 36 takes place on July 14, 2013 at Differ Ariake in Tokyo, Japan.  Riding the surge of popularity in Korean MMA, the event will feature a Korean invasion of its own, a team led by none other than ZST Champ Kang JungMin.  Kang’s tumultuous 2-5 career has been spent mostly in Japan where he’s been pitted against some top opponents in a short period and come up short in the cut.  He’ll look to have some homeboys backing him in a resurgence to level his stats when he shares the bill with Choi JaeWu and Cho SeongWon.

Courtesy Takeya Mizugaki
Courtesy Takeya Mizugaki

ZST 36
July 14, 2013
Differ Ariake Arena
Tokyo, Japan

The following results are translated from Tatsuyakay via Twitter.

加藤 惇(キングダム横浜旭)

Yuto Hiyama (0-0-2) 檜山 勇斗(パラエストラ川崎) vs Kazuki Hayashida (6-5-8) 林田 一城(MSD護心道)

#15 – ZST vs 韓国 3対3対抗戦≫ RINGSルール/62.0kg 以下契約(5分2R)
Kenichi Ito (10-10-8) 伊藤 健一(TEAMゆでたまご) vs Jae Woo Choi (0-0) チェ・ジェウ(韓国/フリー)

#14 – Ten minute match

伊達◯◯ defeats オグラマサト by decision

#13 – ZST vs 韓国 3対3対抗戦≫ RINGSルール/75.0kg以下契約(5分2R)
Yuki Ito (9-9-9) 伊藤 有起(ALLIANCE/TEAMゆでたまご) vs Jung Min Kang (2-5-1) カン・ジョンミン(韓国/フリー)

Ito makes his way inside with punches and goes for tackles, but Kang bides his time and gets the KO.

Jung Min Kang defeats Yuki Ito by KO, rd 1, 2:00

#12 – ≪ZST vs 韓国 3対3対抗戦≫ RINGSルール/65.8kg以下契約(5分2R)
Ken Yasuda (4-6) 安田 けん(SONIC SQUAD) vs Seong Won Cho (0-1-1) チョウ・ソンウォン(韓国/フリー)

Cho comes out strong, striking. Yasuda counters with jabs and hooks. They trade clinch work in the corner, Cho looking for a td and Yasuda starting to land strikes and knees inside. Round two continues with a nice stand up trade back and forth. Yasuda seizes on the right moment for a takedown, takes the back, and flash finishes with an RNC.

Ken Yasuda defeats Seong Won Cho by Submission, RNC, rd 2, 4:48

#11 – RINGSルール(5分2R)
Keisuke Fujiwara (13-7-4) 藤原 敬典(スピニングガレージ) vs SHOOTO GYM K‘z FACTORY・金物屋の秀 Hideto Okada (1-3-3)

Fujiwara’s game is striking, and Okada tries shoots to take it down. One is not stuffed, but Fujiwara quickly gets up. Okada opens the second with a nice kick, but Fujiwara keeps his jabs and footwork going. Okada shoots and eats a knee that cuts him. Fujiwara stuffs a takedown, but Okada gets a single leg and ends the fight in dominant position.

Keisuke Fujiwara defeats Hideto Okada be Unanimous decision

#10 – RINGSルール/53.0kg以下契約(5分2R)
Yuichiro Yajima (17-15-1) 矢島 雄一郎(禅道会新宿道場) vs Yusei Shimokawa (7-8-1) 下川 雄生(ドラゴンテイルジム)

Yajima opens shooting for a single leg and ends in half guard, Shimokawa works back to standing. Yajima shoots again, but Shimokawa reverses with his own takedown and ends up getting mount on Yajima’s back and starts to land bombs. In the second, Yajima shoots again, Shimokawa sweeps it, Yajima sweeps and goes for a front choke. Shimokawa is able to take Yajima’s back eventually, pounds on him for a bit, then sneaks in a RNC.

Yusei Shimokawa defeats Yuichiro Yajima by Submission, RNC, rd 2, 4:13

#9 – RINGSルール/54.4kg以下契約(5分2R)
Ryota Uozumi (11-5-2)(キングダムエルガイツ) vs Kenichi Sawada (7-17-4) 澤田 健壱(パラエストラ東京)

Sawada opens with a nice right hook. Ryota gets a point deducted for an illegal blow. Ryota is able to get Sawada down and pound on him, but Sawada in turn gets out. In the second, Ryota opens with a combo and a takedown attempt, his game play which works in the first half of the round, but Sawada gets a strong striking finish in the second half. The point deduction puts the game in his favor.

Kenichi Sawada defeats Ryota Uozumi by Unanimous Decision

#8 – RINGSルール/70.3kg以下契約(5分2R)
Shinichi Taira (6-7-6) 綱島柔術・平信一 vs Satoru Takahashi (1-7) 高橋 悟(総合格闘技move)

Tiara shoots and gets stuffed, but once he’s got it down to the ground, he executes superb GNP. It doesn’t take long for this strategy to pay off in the second round.

Shinichi Taira defeats Satoru Takahashi by KO, rd 2, 1:20

#7 – RINGSルール/77.1kg以下契約(5分2R)
Ike Chris (1-1) イケ・クリス(米国/総合格闘技道場DOBUITA) vs ハイブリッドレスリング山田道場/RINGS・菱沼郷 Go Hishinuma (5-9-1)

Ike comes out punching, Hishinuma jabs and counterstrikes. Ike gets a throw and lands with Hishinuma on his back, but rolls and tries an armlock from under. He sweeps and hunts for a foot. Ike gets an RNC at the end of the round that Hishinuma waits out. Into the second, it’s a grappling war with both jockeying for foot holds until Ike sees a chance to mount and ends the round dominantly on top.

Ike Chris defeats Go Hishinuma by decision

#6 – GT-Fルール/フェザー級シングルマッチ(5分2R)
牧野 仁史(リバーサルジム東京スタンドアウト) Hitoshi Makino (0-0-3) vs 綱島柔術・篠宮敏久 Toshihisa Shinomiya (2-0)

Makino takles and gets Shinomiya on his back where he looks for subs. Shinmiya reverses out. Back to standing, Makino takles, mounts and looks for an armlock. In the second, Makino starts hunting feet and that’s all it took.

Hitoshi Makino defeats Toshihisa Shinomiya by Submission, rd 2, :45

#5 – ZSTルール/フェザー級シングルマッチ(5分2R)
Yoshitaka Abe (5-6-1) 阿部 剛卓(パラエストラ松戸) vs Takahiro Baba (5-5-3) 馬場 高広(リバーサルジム横浜グランドスラム)

Two rounds of back and forth striking and tackling.


#4 – ZSTルール/フライ級シングルマッチ(5分2R)
Yusuke Uehara (7-5-3) 上原 佑介(マルワジム横浜/team roial) vs Ryo Hatta (5-0) 八田 亮(ストライプルオハナ)

Hatta looks to submit Uehara quickly with multiple sub attempts, but Uehara lasts the round. In the second, Uehara attempts his own armbar from the bottom. Hatta disengages it and goes back to hunting, aiming for Ueda’s feet, and gets a powerful heelhook that makes Ueda scream.

Ryo Hatta defeats Yusuke Uehara by Submission, Heel hook, rd 2, 2:40

#3 – ZSTルール/フライ級シングルマッチ(5分2R)
Yoshinari Shinba (9-8-8) 榛葉 善也(マスタージャパン) vs Daiki Miyamoto (3-6) 宮本 大輝(総合格闘技move)

Shinba kicks and Miyamoto sweeps. They both stand and strike, Shinba going for another tackle and landing on top. They stand again, and Miyamoto knees Shinba in the face, he goes down, but clings for a tackle, and gets an armlock. Miyamoto gets out and Shinba tackles again. In the second, Shinba takes Miyamoto’s back, then hunts for a footlock. Miyamoto’s able to get out but the fight ends with Shinba going for an armbar then passing his foot over Miyamoto’s face to get a tap possibly by gogoplata.

Yoshinari Shinba defeats Daiki Miyamoto by Submission, rd 2

#2 – ZSTルール/フェザー級シングルマッチ(5分2R)
Ryusuke Uchida (6-1-2) 内田 龍介(グランドスラムKREW) vs Yamato Hamamatsu (3-4) 浜松 ヤマト(AACC)

Hamamatsu goes down and Uchida pounces. While truing to stand, Hamamatsu gets a foot trip and tackle which Uchida reverses. Hamamatsu goes back to standing then immediately shoots and gets a front choke.

Yamato Hamamatsu defeats Ryusuke Uchida by Submission, Front choke, rd 1 4:22

#1 – ZSTルール/バンタム級シングルマッチ(5分2R)
Hiroaki Yoshioka (1-3-6) 吉岡 弘晃(ブライトネス) vs Takehiro Higuchi (6-2) 樋口 武大(骨法烏合会矢野卓見道場/RINGS)

In a scramble, Yoshioka gets a takedown and crushes Higuchi in mount. Yoshioka loses the position and Higuchi gets mount and starts to ground and pound until Yoshioka gets out and back to standing. Yoshioka gets a TD but Higuchi sweeps him. Back to standing. Again Yoshioka tackles and from the bottom Higuchi slaps on the triangle.

Takehiro Higuchi defeats Hiroaki Yoshioka by Submission, Triangle, rd 1, 4:15


Satoru Date (0-0) Team DATE・伊達聡 v sキングダム立川・土方直哉 Naoya Hijikata (0-0)


SWAT!バウト第11試合はオアシス杯「SWAT!ライト級トーナメント2013」”SWAT! lightweight tournament 2013″
Yujiro Yamamoto (5-5-4) リバーサルジム新宿 Me,We・山本裕次郎 vs 綱島柔術・加賀谷大 Hiroshi Kagaya (4-3-1)

Kagaya aims for a takedown, and Yamato aims for a foot until he gets it.

Yujiro Yamamoto defeats Hiroshi Kagaya by Submission, Ankle lock, rd 1, 1:05

SWAT!バウト第10試合はオアシス杯「SWAT!ライト級トーナメント2013」”SWAT! lightweight tournament 2013″
Kazuki Kawanishi (1-0) 総合格闘技武門會・河西和希 vs リバーサルジム横浜グランドスラム・金子貴大 Takehiro Kaneko (0-0)

Kawanishi tries to escape Kaneko’s pounding with a triangle attempt. Kaneko endures the attempt. In the second, Kawanishi jabs, Kaneko grabs a single leg to anacanda, which Kawanishi endures and gets out. Kawanishi begins swinging and Kaneko attempts a takedown.

Kazuki Kawanishi defeats Takehiro Kaneko by decision

SWAT!バウト第9試合はオアシス杯「SWAT!フェザー級トーナメント2013」”SWAT! featherweight tournament 2013″
Takeshi Kashiwazaki (4-0) K-PLACE埼玉格闘技道場・柏崎剛 vs RIKI GYM・樋沼朝光 Tomomitsu Hinuma (1-3-3)

Hinuma comes out striking, gets a takedown, but Kashiwazaki is able to reverse and take his back. Hinuma works back to standing, but Kashiwazaka gets it down and slaps on an armbar that Hinuma fights hard until he’s forced to tap.

Takeshi Kashiwazaki defeats Tomomitsu Hinuma by Submission, Armbar, rd 1, 3:54

SWAT!バウト第8試合はオアシス杯「SWAT!フェザー級トーナメント2013」SWAT! featherweighttournament 2013″
Tomoyuki Manabe (3-0-1) 真鍋朝行 vs 総合格闘技move・竹内拓人 Hiroto Takeuchi (0-3-1)

Standing and trading in the first, Manabe utilizes the jab until Takeuchi bloodies him in the corner. Takeuchi takes Manabe’s back standing and attempts a throw, Manabe shakes it off and pummels Takeuchi, even landing a knee. In the second, Manabe misses a shoot but Takeuchi looks gassed. Manabe is able to get side control. The end sees a slugfest to the bell.

Tomoyuki Manabe defeats Hiroto Takeuchi by decision

SWAT!バウト第7試合はオアシス杯「SWAT!バンタム級トーナメント2013」 “SWAT! bantamweight tournament 2013 ‘
Takao Ueda (4-1-2) 上田貴央 vs Team DATE・山田聖王 Seio Yamada (2-1-6)

Yamada’s barrage of punches doesn’t land a clear shot, but submission attempts in the first pull him ahead. In the second, Ueda scores with takedowns and sub attempts of his own. Yamada gets back to standing, but Ueda pushes thru dominantly.

Takao Ueda defeats Seio Yamada by Decision

SWAT!バウト第6試合はオアシス杯「SWAT!バンタム級トーナメント2013」”SWAT! bantamweight tournament 2013″
Kei Tanigawa (3-7-4) 谷川啓 vs マルワジム横浜・植原健 Ken Uehara (1-0-1)

Ken Uehara defeats Kei Tanigawa by Submission, RNC, rd 1, 1:16

Satoshi Minaba (0-2-1)
Masashi Moriya (0-0)

SWAT!バウト第5試合はオアシス杯「SWAT!フライ級トーナメント2013 “SWAT! flyweight tournament 2013”
Ryosuke Yanaka (3-5-3) 谷中亮介 vs SUBMIT御殿場・渡辺康一 Koichi Watanabe (2-0-2)

Ryosuke Yanaka defeats Koichi Watanabe by Submission, Front choke, rd 1, 1:08

SWAT!バウト第4試合はオアシス杯「SWAT!フライ級トーナメント2013」”SWAT! flyweight tournament 2013″
Yuki Kawabata (1-4-2) 川端祐樹 vs W-BLOOD・藤澤彰紀 Akinori Fujisawa (2-1-1)

Akinori Fujisawa defeats Yuki Kawabata by Submission, Guillotine, rd 2, 1:23

#1 – Akira Omura (-0-17-1) 大村朗vs工藤彰一 Shoichi Kudo (0-4)

Shoichi Kudo defeats Akira Omura by Submission, Armlock, rd 2, 2:53

Masahiro Iimori (1-2)
Kenji Uehara (0-0)


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