ZST crowns new Flyweight Champ Seiichiro Ito, Kashiwazaki earns Bantamweight title shot

ZST Flyweight Champ Seiichiro Ito
ZST Flyweight Champ Seiichiro Ito (courtesy Shu Katsumura)

Two of Japan’s new and future generation of MMA stars met in the main event of ZST 44 as undefeated Ryo Hatta defended the Flyweight belt for his first time against Seiichiro Ito.


While almost all of both young fighters’ wins have come by submission, this hotly contested match set for five rounds did not end in the manner anyone expected.

The first round erupted in a back and forth seesaw of striking with Ito being determined to shoot and ground and pound. By the end of the round, that’s with where he had Champ Hatta. In the second, Ito got even more ferocious but Hatta did his best to match him, throwing punches and an up kick from the bottom.

Ito kept up his perfect plan to beat and/or tackle Hatta to the ground, and at three minutes into the second, he did just that. His punches to Hatta’s head put the belt holder out cold, and Ito claimed the ZST title from him.


Tsudanuma Dojo’s Sotaro Yamada was cunning and violent in his match with Teruhiko Kubo that was to determine Welterweight Champ Masayuki Hamagishi’s next challenger. He crushed the takedown and latched on to one of Kubo’s legs for an Achilles’. As Kubo tried to roll out of it, Yamada grabbed his neck and Kubo had to tap to the guillotine with less than two minutes of mat time.

Yamada was equally entertaining when he said that all he heard was Kubo’s ankle, but he’d really like to hear Hamagishi’s bone break.


Yojiro Uchimura celebrated his ZST comeback by knocking out Hiroki Takayama in a little over two minutes of the first round. Uchimura’s striking overwhelmed Takayama from the get go.


Fusano Tetsuya and Kashiwazaki Tsuyoshi faced Suzuki Hiroshi and Kengo Okubo in a match under very unique ZST tag team rules. The former pair won 1-0 by Kashiwazaki’s securing an arm bar at 9:32 of Suzuki.

After the match, Kashiwazaki was announced as having earned a shot at Bantamweight Champ Keisuke Fujiwara on May 24th Differ Ariake.


ZST 44
February 22, 2015
Differ Ariake
Tokyo, Japan

Seiichiro Ito  def  Ryo Hatta by KO/TKO, 3:09 R2

Sotaro Yamada  def  Teruhiko Kubo by Sub, 1:39 R1

Yojiro Uchimura  def  Hiroki Takayama by KO/TKO, 2:09 R1

Tetsuya Yamada  def  Atsushi Ueda by Unanimous Dec

Yuichiro Yajima  def  Yusuke Uehara by KO/TKO, 2:01 R1

Hisato Izawa  def  Koji Mori by KO/TKO, 1:42 R1

Rio Date  def  Atsushi Saito by Sub, 4:52 R2

Tomomitsu Hinuma  def  Yohei Ota by Split Dec

Ken Kawamura  def  Takao Ueda by Unanimous Dec

Shooto Watanabe  def  Shintaro Kubo by Sub, 3:00 R1

Tatsuya Watanabe  vs.  Seio Date Draw