ROAD FC 20 MAIN EVENT Play By Play: Lee Gil-Woo vs Lee Yoon-Jun



ROAD FC 20 is taking place at Olympic Hall in Seoul, South Korea.
ROAD FC 20 MAIN EVENT Play by Play
Sunday December 14th, 2014


Lee Gil-Woo (4-4) vs Lee Yoon-Jun (7-2)

Bantamweight Title Match (-61.5)


Round 1 – Lee vs Lee is on!! Yoon-Jun using kicks and Gil-Woo starts off with boxing. Dirty boxing by Gil-Woo. Yoon-Jun with a headkick. Takedown by Yoon-Jun. Gil-Woo gets back up and reverses. Knees from the clinch for Gil-Woo. Gil-Woo presses Yoon-Jun against the fence. Yoon-Jun lands some knees and gets out. Headkick drops Gil-Woo and he is out of it. Yoon-Jun swarms and lands punches. It’s over. ROAD FC has a new champ!!
Result: Lee Yoon-Jun wins by TKO (RD1 3:40)