ROAD FC names Kyler Kim Dae-Hwan as CEO

ROAD FC 20 Kyler Kim Dae-Hwan
ROAD FC 20 Kyler Kim Dae-Hwan

He has served as a commentator and a fighter, but now Kyler Kim Dae-Hwan is stepping up as the new chief executive for Korea’s ROAD Fighting Championship.

The move comes as Jung Mun-Hong, the founder and chief executive of ROAD FC, announced his immediate departure from the company via social media early Wednesday.

Kyler Kim is known across Korea as the live commentator for ROAD FC and for UFC on SuperAction. Fluent in English, Kim has translated for Korean fighters when they have fought abroad. It should be no surprise then that Kim is also a fighter, with a record of 8-1.

“ROAD FC has grown up to be one of the best organizations in Asia,” Kim said via a statement.

“There are about 1,000 ROAD FC gyms in Korea, and there are gymnasiums with ROAD FC signboards all over Asia. In the history of Korean martial arts, there was no such fighting brand. It is an honor to be appointed as the representative of such a mixed martial arts organisation.”

He said he would do his best to make ROAD FC the best organisation in the world.

“I have been thinking a lot about ROAD FC from the outside and the directions that ROAD FC can develop to what fans want.”

The promotion said he would officially be handed CEO duties at the ROAD FC Lunar New Year’s Night at Grand Hilton Seoul on 23 December.

For now it looks like business as usual and the $1 Million Lightweight Tournament remains on track for early 2018.