UFC Fight Night 75 Main Card live results



UFC FN 75 Road to UFC Main Card matches live results.

UFC Fight Night 75
September 27, 2015
Saitama Super Arena
Tokyo, Japan

Kyoji Horiguchi vs Chico Camus

Rd 1. Kyoji darts in and out. Camus is active but Kyoji’s head movement is great. Kyoji with a kick and spin and Camus takes ahold of him. Kyoji works out, the crowd claps. Camus catches Kyoji with a clipping right hand. Ktoji wallops a left! Camus seems to be slowing, or maybe Kyoji’s feet are just too fast! 30 seconds and they are trading, but nothing landing. Kyoji with a flying knee to end the round.

Rd 2.

Kyoji opens with a knock down and an all out onslaught of punches! Camus is rocked but recovers, though his right eye is cut. Kyoji with all sorts of creative combinations coming out, his hands are heavy and Camus is just managing to evade the worst of it. Kyoji in and out, Camus catches him with a jab, Kyoji repays the favor and then tosses him around a bit. Final minute and Kyoji is picking his shots quietly, with a big one that lands ten seconds out.

Rd 3. Camus coems in and Kyoji immediately engages,. Camus looks like he still thinks he has a chance and is keeping on coming in on Kyoji, who counters him every time. Camus corner tells him to keep coming in, he does and Kyoji slips around to his back momntarily. Double body kick by Kyoji. Final minuteKyoji tries a take down fake to k=high kick, comes bak with big punches to the end of the round.

Kyoji Horiguchi def Chico Camus by UD, 30-27

#2 –
George Roop vs Takeya Mizugaki

Rd 1. One two by Mizugaki. Roop high kicks. Mizugaki back in with strikes. Roop gets a clinch to the cage. Roop with body punches and gets reversed. Mizugaki body head! Roop’s kicks can’t touch Mizugaki. Mizugaki clinches at the cage and really controls Roop. Overhand and Roop reverses and is out. Roop punches to the cage, Mizugaki punches his way out. More work against the cage, Mizugaki lands a knee on the way out. Big flurries and both guys land! Nice action at the end of the round, with Mizugaki still able to punch inside.

Rd 2. Roop tries to punh kick fake but Mizugaki sees through it and assaults. Roop is able to get the pressure to the cage by Mizugaki reverses it. Roop reverses, throws knees ad Mizugaki drops him to his knees with an uppercut! Roop regains control against the cage, off his back Mizugaki throws knees. Mizugaki catches a kick. Roop has the reach, but he’s still choosing to go inside and get hit. They both exchange nicely to the bell.

Rd 3. Roop looks to take the offence early but Mizugaki is a terminator and won’t let him catch any rhythm. Roop gets to the cage and works for a dragdown but Mizugaki defends. Roop tries again, Mizugaki scoops him up and spins him with underhooks. Roop to the cage again, looking to play more of this game to save himself the third round. Final minute sees both cage jockeying to the bell, with Mizugaki throwing a flying knee for final fireworks.

Takeya Mizugaki def George Roop by Unanimous Decision, 29-28


#1 –
Diego Brandao vs Kikuno Katsunori

Brandao blasts Katsunori flat out, Katsunori gets up, Brandao rushes him, lands a knee, Katsunori turns and Brandao lands punches from behind whie Katsunori stands at the cage, ref waives it off.

Diego Brandao def Kikuno Katsunori by TKO, ref stoppage, rd 1, :28