Lee Jeong-Yeong outboxes Choi Mu-Gyeom for the ROAD FC featherweight title

ROAD 050 Lee punches Choi
New featherweight champ Lee Jeong-Yeong punches Choi Mu-Gyeom at ROAD FC 50

ROAD FC 50 witnessed a new featherweight champ Lee Yeong-Jeong, a TKO by the legendary Fujita, and taekwondo highlights by Hong Young-Gi.

The featherweight title match between champ Choi Mu-Gyeom and Lee Jeong-Yeong was a technical striking delight. While both men earned knockdowns, Lee managed to get the better of the champ with his pressure, counters, and incredible work in the second and third rounds. Choi’s battered and cut face attested to the damage. Lee deservedly won on the scorecards and became the new ROAD FC featherweight champ.

The co-main event saw a pair of 48-year old warhorses collide when the legendary PRIDE veteran Fujita knocked down and finished fellow PRIDE veteran Choi Mu-Bae. In another knockout win on the main card, Shim Gun-Oh out-muscled Heo Jae-Hyeok to the cage and knocked him out in 23 seconds flat.

Yoo Jae-Nam had the only submission on the main card in his rematch with Han Yi-Moo. When they first met, Han won by submission when the referee didn’t see him submit, and Yoo let go early, giving him the chance for a heel hook. Yoo claimed revenge with a guillotine at the end of a fairly uneventful two rounds.

There were two other unanimous decision wins on the main card. Hong Young-Gi used his taekwondo against Koji Nakamura, landing head kicks while Nakamura got takedowns and a near submission. A yellow card for an illegal elbow put Nakamura behind and Hong got the decision on points. In a women’s 50kg bout, Shim Yu-Ri kept moving forward on Lim Seo-Hee, out-punching and out-wrestling her to the win.

Hong Young-Gi kicks Nakamura Koji at ROAD 50
Hong Young-Gi kicks Nakamura Koji at ROAD 50

Young Guns 40 prelims

In the main event of the undercard, “Special Force” Park Jung-Kyo said he might have to call it a day in MMA after he was choked unconscious with a standing guillotine by Lim Dong-Hwan

There were three finishes with fists, and Go Gi-Won delivered a highlight reel-worthy KO. Go spent almost one round low kicking and figuring out his timing agains Kim Young-Han, and paid for it with near knockout before the bell. They both came out in the second and turned it on, with Go getting the faceplant knockout in just 22 seconds.

The Outsider 55kg champ Yuki Ito caught a TKO win after a barrage of punches that started with a knee to the groin of Kim Tae-Kyun, who came in with 10 points deducted for being over the weight. Kim Sung-Jae scored two big takedowns on the way to delivering punches on the ground to Hwang Chan-Hwan for the TKO.

There were only a pair of decisions on the prelims. Kim Woo-Jae eked out a split decision with a little more damage against the wrestling of Jeong Won-Hee. Park Chan-Soo made an impressive pro debut as he outworked Kim Yong-Guen in striking and takedowns for the unanimous victory.

Yuki Ito punches Kim Tae-Kyun at ROAD FC Young Guns 40
Yuki Ito punches Kim Tae-Kyun at ROAD FC Young Guns 40

ROAD FC 50 results
3 November 2018
Daejeon, South Korea

#6 Featherweight Championship
Lee Jeong-Yeong def Choi Mu-Gyeom by UD

#5 Openweight
Kazuyuki Fujita def Choi Mu-Bae by TKO, R1 1:55

#4 Lightweight
Hong Young-Gi def Koji Nakamura by UD

#3 Bantamweight
Yoo Jae-Nam def Han Yi-Moon by Submission, guillotine, R2 4:51

#2 Women’s 50kg Catchweight
Shim Yu-Ri def Lim Seo-Hee by UD

#1 Openweight
Shim Gun-Oh def Heo Jae-Hyeok by TKO, R1 0:23

Young Guns 40

#6 Middleweight
Lim Dong-Hwan def Park Jung-Kyo by Submission, guillotine, R1 2:48

#5 Flyweight
Yuki Ito def Kim Tae-Kyun by TKO, R1 4:58

#4 Featherweight
Park Chan-Soo def Kim Yong-Guen by UD

#3 Bantamweight
Kim Sung-Jae def Hwang Chan-Hwan by TKO, R1 2:41

#2 Flyweight
Go Gi-Won def Kim Young-Han by KO, R2 0:22

#1 Flyweight
Kim Woo-Jae def Jeong Won-Hee by Split Decision

ROAD FC featherweight champ Lee Jeong-Yeong
ROAD FC featherweight champ Lee Jeong-Yeong


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