The coming weekend of June 1st, 2012 heralds what could be the most influential event for MMA in Asia… ever.  Under the organization and sponsorship of ONE Fighting Championship, a Summit will be held at Marina Bay Resort in Singapore to bring together a broad spectrum of professionals in the industry to explore, discuss, and promote the growth of MMA.  Panels consisting of leading professionals will provide insights and education across many facets of the MMA sports industry.  
Some of the sessions will feature prominent long-time figures on the MMA scene such as Bubbles Aguilar of the URCC, Chatri Sityodtong of Evolve MMA, Anthony Lim of Fairtex Group, and Matt Hume, world-renowned MMA fighter, coach, promoter, and official.  They will speak about what they see to be the future of MMA in Asia, developing the safety of the sport alongside its remarkable growth, and maintaining a finger on the pulse of what drives it: the fans.

There will be further educational panels on sponsorships, media, developing a fight team, and opportunities for gyms.  These will target the needs of gyms, coaches, and fighters and provide much needed background information on and support for achieving future success.  It will be a lot of information to cram into a very short timeframe, so auditors are encouraged to be eager and learn as much of the information presented as possible.  Sharpen your pencils, guys.  And remember, this weekend is all about absorbing the stuff that is flying at you – not deflecting it!

The Lead Ups
Each day this week, MMA-in-ASIA.com will post an article pertaining to one of the topics on the Summit agenda.  This will provide readers with background on issues that will be covered, and prepare auditors to  receive the information flying at them.  
An Announcement and a Personal Thank You
It is my pleasure to announce that the ONE FC Summit will provide a breakout session to explore the development of an international amateur MMA league.  ONE FC’s founder Victor Cui deserves commendation for seeing the need for amateur athletics, providing a platform at the Summit to discuss it, and for supporting its development.  Additionally, I am humbled to have been chosen as a co-facilitator for this break out session, and I am eager to speak face to face with all of you whom have expressed a deep desire to get amateur MMA developed throughout Asia.  Together, we are going to accomplish something AMAZING! – Lee Li


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