Press release:

MMA is far from being dead in Thailand or Banned! In spite of recent news Phuket Top Teamis setting up their first in house Promotion called IFN – Island Fight Night.  The event will be held on Saturday 7th July.

There will be Amateur Muay Thai, Pro Rules Boxing, Amateur MMA, and even the new fighting style TK1 fights (K-1 rules with mma gloves in the cage). In the near future as well IFN will be also putting on Pro Rules MMA Fights as well.
In house gym fights are not new to Phuket, many gyms in Phuket host in house fights for their members.  But what makes IFN different is that anyone can sign up and come to compete to gain experience from any gym in Phuket or Thailand. Also IFN will be streaming live online via UStream so anyone around the world can tune in and watch. (Please go to the IFN website or Phuket Top Team FB for more info on how to watch.)
These are very exciting times for MMA in Thailand as DARE starts to figure things out and continues to thrive on the edge as they prefer. It is also good to see IFN going public and supporting MMA in Thailand in the open the conventional way. The promoter, Boyd Clarke, hopes IFN will give a chance to Thai fighters to gain experience in MMA before sending them to bigger shows like DARE or Internationally like Legend or TFC-1 in Beijing China.  Also with many fighters coming to Thailand as a hotspot to train MMA and Muay Thai, there will be no shortage of fighters looking to show case their skills. Exciting times for MMA in Asia as it continues to grow and expand at a rapid rate.
If you are interested in fighting for IFN please email phukettopteam@email.com with weight, experience, photo, full name and what style you are looking to fight.  TK-1 fights will be PAID fights and count as Professional fights, also as said before fighters from ALL gyms are welcome to compete.


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