MIMMA 2 Grand Finals live results and updates, free live stream info


Malaysian Invasion MMA Season 2 Grand Finals will be streamed live tonight from Stadium Negara in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Seven amateur Championship belts will be on the line, and four professional matches pepper the card.


Tonights event will feature five Champions returning from Season 1 to take on the finalists from Season 2. The breakdown in skills for each of those fighters can be read here. Two champs have vacated their belts, and those will be on the line anew for contestants from Season 2 to claim. The talent culled from both season’s tournaments is amazing. It will be exciting to watch the new generation of blooming Malaysian MMA fighters exhibit their hard-earned skills and amazing heart.

UFC vet Will Chope welcomes wrestling coach Matt Pellino to the MMA cage with a bit of fire going back and forth prior to the match.

Stand out Mark Striegl finally returns to MMA action against New Zealand’s prodigy Kai Kara-France.

Additionally, MIMMA has chronicled all of the tournament action from Season 2 and placed it on their proprietary streaming site in eight episodes which can be watched here.

ASIA MMA will be on hand and providing live updates and results throughout the event. Tune into the action live and free starting at 7pm Malaysia ST at MIMMA LIVE . TUNE TALK . COM.


MIMMA 2: Grand Finals
October 25, 2014
Stadium Negara
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Live free streaming at 7pmMST at http://mimmalive.tunetalk.com

Professional Bouts

#11 – Catch
Will Chope (20-7)
Matt Pellino (0-0)

Chope goes in with knees, Pellino with the shoot and double. Pellino stays on top while Chope throws on a figure four and works elbows from the bottom. Ref stands them. Pellino with another shoot. Chope works for the kimura. Pellino gets his arm back under him. Pellino keeps Chope flattened to the cage at the end of the round.

Round 2. Pellino shoots again for a beautiful takedown. Chope’s experience shows as he pushes Pellino’s head up, throws up his legs for a triangle, and whacks him with elbows.

Will Chope defeats Matt Pellino by Submission, triangle, rd 2


#10 – Bantamweight
Mark Striegl (12-1)
Kai Kara-France (7-4)

Striegl goes for the flying kick, stumbles, Kara-f almost head kicks him! Striegl gets up, takes Kai’s back standing. Striegl with the drag down, sinks in hooks, goes for the RNC. Kai staves it off but it’s tight and Striegl gets the tap.

Mark Striegl defeats Kai Kara-France by Submission, RNC, rd 1


#9 – Welterweight Championship
Ooi Aik Tong (Budo Academy / K-One Kickboxing)
Agilan Thani (Monarchy MMA)

Thani gets the takedown, Tong throws up an arm bar. Thani tries to shake it off. He gest out, tries to land a few from standing. Ends up diving back into guard. Thani passes to side. Gets to mount! Tries to pound, Tong defends, Thani goes for an arm bar as the bell rings.

Round 2. Tong comes out strong! Goes for the trip, misses, clinch and knees, Thani falls into guard again and Tong lets him pass to guard, Thani rains down the punishment for the finish!

Agilan Thani defeats Ooi Aik Tong by TKO, rd 2, 1:36


#8 – Heavyweight Championship
Darren Low (Marcos Escobar BJJ)
Mohd Zulhanizam (Combatives)

The big men collide! Darren hunts for the takedown and gets it, works to the side and flattens Zul. Zul works up, Darren grabs his arm, for the kimura, flops him over and gets a quick tap.

Darren Low defeats Mohd Zulhanizam by Submission, kimura, rd 1, 1:39


#7 – Flyweight Championship
Kenny Yap (Monarchy MMA)
Seah Zhang Yu

Yu takes the match on 24 hours notice, gets in the cage and gamely goes for it. Both trade, Yap shoots, get’s it down. Yap has it against the cage, they both trade knees. Yap steps out of range, Yu rushes in with punches an KOs Yap cold! He cut 6.5 kilos in ten hours!

Seah Zhang Yu defeats Kenny Yap by KO, rd 1


#6 – Pro match – Lightweight
Massimmo Capussela (2-3-0)
Lenny Wheeler (6-3-0-1)

Wheeler does Krav Maga. And he has Wheeler ha him knocked down and out on his feet against the cage. The ref stops it and Wheeler goes bats hit on the ref. He even tries to headbutt him!

Lenny Wheeler defeats Massimmo Capussela by TKO, rd 1

#5 – Featherweight Championship
Keanu Subba (Klinch)
Joshua Khiew (Penang Top Team)

The two strike and Khiew goes for the Thai clinch and knees but Subba reverses him to the cage and lands knees as well. Subba gets a trip and Khiew is down, Subba stands and hammers at his head until the ref steps in.

Keanu Subba defeats Joshua Khiew by TKO, rd 1


#4 – Vacant Lightweight Championship
Muhammad Hasrul (UMF)
Richie Celestial (Nomad)

Hasrul rocks Celestial down twice and Celestial recovers! Celestial recovers and shoots, gets Hasrul’s back! Hasrul is out and they trade and bang again. Hasruls hands go to town and he drops Celestial straight down,

Muhammad Hasrul defeats Richie Celestial by TKO, rd 1, 2:36


#3 – Bantamweight Championship
Prabu Somanaidu (Klinch MMA)
Jenarten Radhakrishnan (Wuji MMA)

Rad’s kicks look nice and strong, both content to stand and trade. Prabu does for the clinch against the cage, Rad reverses him and goes for a single. Prabu reaches over the top to try for a standing kimura. Rad’s out and lands a nice shot at the bell.

Round 2. Rad opens the fight striking again, hard body shot. Prabu clinches against the cage, it’s a replay of the first. Low blow to Prabu. Rad kicks, Prabu returns. Prabu with a big shot to the cage, knees, tries for a single. Rad shoots for the single this time, and Prabu with the kimura catch. He holds onto it and cradles his head. The ref decides it’s about to break and halts it.

Prabu Somanaidu defeats Jenarten Radhakrishnan by Submission, rd 2


#2 – Middleweight Championship
Jing Yi Chong (Ultimate MMA Academy)
Stephen Onn (GymBox)

Chong rocks Onn with a right that puts him down! Onn gets back to the cage and stands! He’s tough. Chong lands more shots aver Onn’s dropped guard and he goes down hard, Chong follows up with bombs and the ref has to push him off.

Jing Yi Chong defeats Stephen Onn by TKO, rd 1, :36


#1 – Women’s
Zhen Wei Foo (0-1)
Rachael Short (0-0)

Foo gets a nice big roar from the audience as we finally get the show underway at 8:30. Foongoes for and gets the single leg. From side control inside half guard, she drops elbows. She gets out of half and to mount.

Zhen Wei Foo defeats Rachael Short by Submission, rd 1