MIMMA 2 Semifinals to bear finalists from a pool of almost 1,000 amateur fighters

MIMMA 2 Semifinals
MIMMA 2 Semifinals

MIMMA 2 Quarterfinal Eliminations took place on June 21 – 22, 2014 in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. From almost 1,000 original contestants across 7 states, 28 of the best have emerged.  They will now face each other in the Semifinals on August 17th.


A few short years ago, not many people would have put the words “Malaysia” and “Mixed Martial Arts” together in the same sentence. Thankfully that few who did had the means, the passion, and the drive to make something pretty incredible come out of the synergy.

Malaysian Invasion MMA – MIMMA – was born after philanthropist and MMA aficionado Alex Wong went to the first ONE FC Summit and got ignited by the predictions he heard there. Fast forward to 2013 when ultra-hip Malaysian sponsor Tune Talk and Jason Lo came on board, and this small group of renegade MMA fans had caused a revolution of sorts in their home country.

The first MIMMA onslaught which developed the concept of “anyone can fight” literally started by setting up a cage in a mall – a quirky, risky, and humble beginning. They took anyone who wanted to challenge themselves, even glorifying a guy who came out of the mall toilet and went from wondering what was going on to the next minute signing up to fight.

At the beginning, the MIMMA concept seemed dubious, wacky, and even downright unsafe. Then, almost overnight, it became something wonderful. The staff from referees to marketing were professional and ethical. The events were ordered, forecast, run and marketed by a savvy group of people already familiar with both MMA and the way they needed to introduce this new sports culture to Malaysia.

MIMMA had a tournament format that went from open tryouts to ladder matches to quarter-, semi- and finals. The competitors who made it to the semifinals had already conquered at least three fights to get there. And the finalists were guys who had been put through the amateur competition ringer for many months – equating to anything the west or Japan has in terms of athletic development, if only for the first go round.

On finals night, the MIMMA concept had come to fruition. About 3,000 people packed an arena to watch amateurs – yes, amateurs – square off for the chance to become one of Malaysia’s first amateur MMA champions. And out of an original tryout of 500 men came 14 athletes across 7 weight divisions who put their personal lives on hold for this one important shot at glory, and unknowingly Malaysian MMA history. Read about the MIMMA Season 1 finale and the winners here.

MIMMA 1 Champions
MIMMA 1 Champions

One of those original seven went on to star in the UFC’s first ever TUF China, Allen Solomon Chong, a Malaysian of Chinese ancestry. Next, Chong joined more of them to become Team Malaysia at the inaugural IMMAF World Championships in Amateur MMA in Las Vegas, USA on June 30, 2014. They were bantamweight Prabu Somanaidu, heavyweight Adrian Tham, middleweight Jim Chong Jing Yi and featherweight Keanu Subba. Subba progressed furthest through the event which was held during the UFC Fan Expo 2014.

The progression of the fighters doesn’t stop with winning the title.  The Season 1 Champions will have to put their belts on the line against the Season 2 winners after the finals for Season 2, which will be held on September 13th.  This clash – the Grand Finals – will take place on October 25th.

To relay another important part of the necessary infrastructure needed to grow a sport, MIMMA 2 is being recorded and will begin airing on television station AXN starting in September this year.


MIMMA Season 2 Semifinals
August 17, 2014
Paradigm Mall
Selangor, Malaysia

Seah Zhang Yu vs Eddy Kalai
Mohammad Aiman vs Jackson Lee

Chan Yuen Kai vs Ben Lee
Jenarten R. vs Effendy Kalai

Khoo Teik Guan vs Tee Jac Yoe
Hui Keng Fai vs Joshua Khiew

Md Rizal Ismail Celestial vs Vinod Dave Singh
Khoo Lee Kian vs Muhammad Hasrul

Jason Law vs Mohd Fakhrul Izzat
Agilan Thangalapani vs Norahmed Ali Zareh

Nicholas Jeffery vs Nasrul Zaimun Fadly
Stephen Onn vs Wong Eng Wooi

Mohd Nurshaiful b Rosli vs Mohd Zulhanizam Asri
Darren Low vs Yeoh Onn Yee


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