Video Interview: Ooi Aik Tong, MIMMA Welterweight Champion

MIMMA Welterweight Champion Ooi Aik Tong
MIMMA Welterweight Champion Ooi Aik Tong

Malaysian Invasion MMA 2 Grand Finals takes place on October 24, 2014. Ooi Aik Tong will defend his MIMMA Welterweight title against Season 2 finalist Agilan Chandran. The champ won his belt in stunning fashion with a mix of judo and boxing.


Tong’s winning match in MIMMA 1 was fight of the night in a violet display of aggression from both him and his opponent, Chew Chee Chan, a fellow judoka with whom he’d already competed against in judo. The standout is happily placing his title on the line for his next chance to prove his skills.

In this interview, Tong talks about judo for MMA, his training, and where he hopes his future will lie.

MIMMA 2 can be watched live and free streamed from starting at 7pmMST on October 25, 2014.