Video Interview: TuneTalk CEO Jason Lo spearheads Malaysia’s amateur MMA future with MIMMA

MIMMA Founder Jason Low
MIMMA Founder Jason Low

Malaysian Invasion MMA 2 Grand Finals will take place on October 25, 2014 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The ground-breaking national amateur tournament is backed by a man with a dream as big as his country, TuneTalk CEO Jason Lo.


Lo is a man with a unique combination of intelligence, humor, and passion that drives conviction. He’s placed his efforts and resources behind a project which has – almost overnight – become an international sensation of sorts.

Malaysian Invasion MMA is a national amateur promotion produced by behemoth telecom TuneTalk. In just its second season, MIMMA has already touched the lives of almost two thousand contestants, who have come from all walks of life. Documentaries of the trials up to the Season 2 Grand Finals have been shown on AXN, and now the promotion has gone to full-streaming on its proprietary site under TuneTalk.

It hasn’t been without controversy and – at times – calamity. MIMMA champions from Season 1 comprised a team from the only Southeast Asian country to participate in the first ever International Amateur MMA Tournament in Las Vegas, which entailed adjustment of some fighters’ records from pro to amateur – a move initiated by the governing body of MASMMA. Lo immediately leapt into open forum discussions revolving around issue, vocally exclaiming and explaining the need for Malaysia’s nascent MMA to start off on the right foot, so to speak.

Lo’s words, and more importantly his ideas, won over most of the Malaysian MMA pioneers, fighters, and teams. Yet he still hasn’t stopped campaigning. He won’t abandon his convictions.

Just ahead of the MIMMA 2 Grand Finals, Asia MMA got the chance to sit down with Lo and have a discussion about the development of MIMMA and his vision for the future of MMA in Malaysia. His comments were in depth and encouraging. Lo’s vision is both wide and lofty, but the fiercely nationalistic CEO knows that without the proper foundation, there’s no hope to reach the sky.

Lo reveals how MIMMA started, and what he feels needs to happen to boom the sport. That includes sponsor and government support to rise the level of MMA athletes into world-class, fully-supported, full-time fighters. He is not keen on the franchise platform, and will do what he can to see the amateur base built to preserve the authenticity of the sport in his country.

The entire MIMMA 2 card will be broadcast live and free via starting at 7pm MST on October 25, 2014.