Battlefield FC pays up, but can it recover from second PR disaster?

After two payment scandals, can Battlefield recover? Photo: Matt Eaton.

After some stinging headlines over the weekend, besieged Korean MMA promotion Battlefield FC has made good on a promise to pay its fighters.

All fighters on the Battlefield FC 2 card in Macau over the weekend have now been paid – or are in the process of being transferred their money.

This comes four days after the promotion was put under the microscope yet again over payment issues for its events.

Raja Shippen, who fought on both Battlefield events, is among those to get his money.

He said while he was confident the money would have eventually arrived, the fact that it came sooner was due to Battlefield matchmaker Tommy Yang.

Shippen (18-12) said without Yang, fighters would have been waiting a lot longer.

“People have to know the only reason we got paid was because of Tommy. Tommy left Macau right away, flew to Korea and went to the CEO and said we need to pay everyone.

“He was the one pushing to get us all paid this week.”

Shippen said Yang also took care of his hotel for the extra time he spent in Macau and got him extra cash for his time there and his travels home.

“I think people need to give Tommy some credit. He wasn’t the guy telling everyone to be there at 2am to receive our money.”

Reputation shattered?

So where to for Battlefield FC? Can it recover from a second PR disaster and mor importantly can fighters trust them enough to appear on another show, should it happen.

A document seen by TFN shows Battlefield has ambitious plans for the rest of the year. Organisers say they plan to host an event in Hong Kong in early November, followed by events in Vietnam and Beijing.

In the wake of the payment issues, Shippen remains optimistic.

“I think there will need to be more communication about where the money is, the exact time you’re going to get it,” he said.

“Everyone is getting paid what they got offered. When you’re getting money thrown around like that, people want to fight. We fight to make a living and when you’re getting paid decent money it helps.

“Hopefully they can take care of that. As long as Tommy is there I’ll fight.”


  1. Okay, maybe there’s some good intentions going on here, but seriously how dumb can they be? Just because anyone with ill-gotten gains can be an MMA promoter, doesn’t mean they should. Stick to crypto currency, gents.


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