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DARE CHAMPIONSHIP 1/12: Fight The Floods, 7/1/2012

Dare Championship is live! 

first bout is Ammar Rock Tchalabi versus Andrea “Rock” Signorini.

Rock and Capo come out feeling each other’s distance. Rock throws a few kicks and Capo looks to punch. in a clash, Rock lands a looping right that stumbles Capo. Rock follows him down with punches. Capo survives it and tries for an arm. Rock looks for a better gnp position and gets some nice hammerfists in until Capo gives a verbal tap. Ammar Rock Tchalabi by TKO in less than 2 minutes.

Dare Championship next bout is starting: Mangthus “The Beast” Rewtawee vs. Tanaphong “Lana Warrior” Khunhankaew.

Julio Ez is the referee. why are the outside checkers putting vaseline on the entire faces? 
i’m excited about this match – two Thai’s fighting. Beast takes down and gets side control, works really heard for a kimura.
Lana reverses!
Beast gets guard and endures some gnp from Lana, but nothing seems to phase him.
Beast goees for a triangle, doesn’t get it.
More gnp from Lana… and IN GUARD, Lana KO’s Beast!!

Dare Championship‘s 3rd fight: “Ronin” Shane Wiggand versus “Mad Dog” Marko Huusansaari

Both come out box scrapping.
Mad Dog endures some elbows while going for a big TD.
Mad Dog gets full mount, and Ronin turns, giving up his back.
Eventually Ronin slips out and its back to standing!
He knocks Mad Dog down with a big right!
Ronin tries to ko him on the ground, but Mad Dog endures, and its back to standing.
Both are now tired brawlers as its going to the end of round one.

 Ronin is up for the second round, but the Dr is checking a cut above Mad Dogs eye.
Ronin comes out with a left jab and uppercut, following it with knees.
A nice stand up clash until an accidental poke to the eye of Ronin which the ref gives a pause for.
Ronin goes for clinched and knees, but slips an Mad Dog follows him down with a nice punch that connects.
Ronin gets guard and Mad Dog pushes him up against the fence.
Ronin tries for an armbar.
Mad Dog is smashing Ronin down, but not working to finish so they’re stood up.
Ronin again goes in and connects with some punches, but Mad Dogs chin is iron.
Both are gasping at the end of the second, blood gushing from Mad Dogs nose now. On to the third!
 Round three in a battle of seasoned dogs of war! These guys live up to their monikers.
Mad Dog wants to take it down but Ronin keeps it standing.
Big head kick.
These two are determined to last, and Ronin tries some chopping kicks for damage.
The stream drops!
 ‎Shane Wiggand by decision, lots of damage was done!

up next for Dare Championship, fight four: “Major” Majee Overall versus Aj Pyro.

 Eric Gerber is the ref.
Both guys come out with some fancy sweep attempts.
Major lands a nice right that backs up AJ!
Major follows it up with a few more that put AJ down!
AJ tries to scramble but Major quickly takes his back and down they go.
Major gets his hooks, straightens him out and sinks a choke.

 in the fastest end to a match this evening, Majee Overallgets a nice birthday win by tapout.

Dare Championship‘s fifth fight: Teerapak “EZ2DJ” Seatae versus”TDR”Tondamrong Panjabutra – another all-Thai match up!

Again with the vaseline all over the face and ears. Must be a Thai thing?
Ez switching up stances.
Goes to the ground quickly, with Tdr going for a choke but its sunk wrong.Still, he keeps better position, and tries a triangle on the side.Ez referses and takes tdr up to the cage.
Ez tries for a standing guillotine.
Reversals galore!
At the end of the round, its been all on the ground.

Nice kick from EZ and back to the ground they go, EZ in guard.

Big reversal from TDR into full mount!
Lots of gnp from TDR, but EZ defends well.
I see blood from EZ right ear?
 and the ref stops it for not intelligently defending by EZ, the win goes to “TDR” Tondamrong Panjabutra.

Arnaud TheGame Lepont just called out Ray Elbe.

Jonathan Nutt says he got called out Marcelo Tenorio from Brazil. and now he’s going to put on gloves and do it.

Vaughn Anderson the ring announcer??

 Alright, had to wait forever but here they go.
Both come out punching.
Latino slips and Nutt follows him down and mounts him.
Lots of gnp from Nutt and he gets him against the cage.
Ref stands them up?
Nutt slams Marcelo and eventually mounts him.
More gnp from Nutt, Marcelo seems clueless in this position.
Nutt tries for an armbar and Marcelo reverses, back to standing.
Big trip from Nutt!
The fighters stop thinking the 10 sec is the bell.
Wow, on to round 2!
 Nutt comes out for round 2, but is completely winded. tries some punches and a spinning back fist, then goes down from a kick – not KOed – but taps the mat. Jonathan Nutt goes back to training Jack n Coke, and Marcelo Tenorio racks up the win.

Jonathan Nutt To clear it up from my point. Marcelo TheLatino Tenorio is a warrior and I consider him a friend. He never called me out. I never, would Ever call him him out. We both took the fight on last minutes notice, for love of the game… And he Was the better man tonight. I wish I could have given him my all, and am sorry that I was not a complete fighter. I thought it would be much easier than it was, and respect any one who gets inside the cage. I write this while I am a bag of busted up dogshit. Latinao! You’re the Man! While we were on the mat I told him… I have nothing left. And that was the Truth. Not only did I have nothing left in the gas tank, I had nothing left in the oil tank or the washer fluid for that matter. I thought that I was having a heart attack. I gave it my all. And my all fell short. Marcelo is the real deal. From now on… I will stick to yelling into the mike. If you wanna play with the big dogs you have to be one… I am… but a puppy. Thank you all for your support, of the sport I love so much. All the best in the world-

Marcelo TheLatino TenorioJonathan Nutt you my friend is the biggest winner
because you have a good heart and humility
I admire your ability and we all know,
the difficulty you faced, having to change clothes,
wrapping the hands and not having time to warm the body
When Dare Championship asked if I wanted to fight you,
I said … the only problem is that I like this guy.
I believe the public has enjoyed our fight
DARE just keeps getting better, surpassed last year’s event in this January, the next event in March will be even better, and is so on always improving and pleasing to the Asian public!

Dare Championship We love you guys! Marcelo TheLatino Tenorioand Jonathan Nutt, you guys were AWESOME! I dont think anybody really thought that this will really happen and it will be a real fight! But it was!!! And no bullshit!!

And also to highlight a point: When this fight was discussed and proposed (like 4 days before the event), both LATINO and JON NUTT wanted to make it clear that they are Friends an want to remain friends. And that happened!
Seeing you guys recovering in the same tent after the fight, helping each other out, totally banged up, is again a great example of a fantastic Sportsmanship and the LOVE OF THE GAME that we all have for this sport!
Just AWESOME guys! Thank you again!
Expect to see LATINO back in the DARE cage and JON back in the microphone soon!

Dare Championship background music is way eclipsed by the walk out music. typical Bangkok bar atmosphere: Sammy Hagar Van Halen from like 30 years ago. it feels like Sink or Swim night back at the local meat market. seriously? you guys haven’t really been in BKK that long, have you?

last fight tonight! Dare Championship final fight: BK Brandon Kesler versus Daiju Takase.

Takase’s last fight was almost 2 years ago: a draw in Pancrase against Legend Fighting Championship‘s Kim Hoon.
BK shifts to the left of southpaw Tak.
Accidental nut shot.
More stalking.
Superman punch by BK connects!
BK comes in with punches and tak tries a td.
More stalkin.
Tak throws a kick and BK sweeps him.
Tak gets guard and punches from the bottom, tying up BK at the same time.
Tak warned about illegal elbows to the crown.
End of round 1.
Before rd 2, tak tells them to clean up his corner, he’s been around.
Tak fakes a cross and connects with an elbow!
Can’t take BK down but gets him against the cage.
Back to tak stalking.
Tak connects with a big left and BK is backed up to the cage again.
Tak jumps guard.
Tak tries to set up a gogoplata?
Tak punches and elbows from the bottom, gets a kimura and reverses to top.
BK lasts it out.
Tak takes side control, tries a choke, can’t get it.
End of round 2 sees tak mounting BK.

 Final round!
Tak is light and BK is flatfooted now.
Tak hands are down, he kicks, BK counters but doesn’t land.
BK with a big td!
Tak immediately starts setting up a sub.
Gets another kimura, and sweeps dk into fullmount!
Tak throws a big elbow to the side of BK and opens him up for another sub.
Tak rolls him over and takes his back.
BK rolls into him and is back in guard!
Bks throwing rib shots but Taks also working from the bottom. Round is over, to the judges now.

Koichi Kawasaki Daiju needs to finish !!!

Brandon Kesler Dont forget BK sweeped him at the end of the third and Finisht with ONE TOP … Talke Down was on top Twice in the trird and he was on top once … I thought I had the Third .!!! but just 3 guys opinon ! I think I had the 1st and 3rd !

The Fight Nation has full results from Dare Championship (on one page for those who seek instant gratification).

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We at TFN would love to sit down, have a nice warm cup of Thai milk tea and write a detailed recap of all the matches that went down at DARE 1/12. However, at this very moment, we cannot do that simply because we’re too amped up by the great fights, the INSANE atmosphere and by the crazy amount of ….


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