DEEP JEWELS 26: Weigh-ins results


Deep-Jewels 26 is set for an unprecedented Tuesday event headlined by an atomweight title defence between champ Tomo Maesawa and challenger Emi Tomimatsu.

At today’s weigh-ins Maesawa was cryptic in her assessment of her opponent.

“My opponent music “metal” is hard music, I know. But I will continue to dance my music through the fight. I will win.”

DEEP JEWELS 26 will take place at Korakuen-Hall.

The followings are weigh-ins results.

9th Fight (Atomweight Title Match: 5min x 3R)
Tomo Maesawa/47.5kg (Reversal Gym Tachikawa ALPHA) VS Emi Tomimatsu/47.5kg (PARAESTRA Matsudo)

8th Fight (63.0kg: 5min x 3R)
King Reina/65.9kg (FIGHT CLUB 428) VS Diamond Rose the Rocket/62.1kg (Thongma GYM)
*King Reina missed weight and she is out. Former UFC fighter Rin Nakai will fight at 62.8kg.

7th Fight (Flyweight: 5min x 3R)
Kana Watanabe/56.9kg (Fighters Flow) VS Kang Hi Eun/56.6kg (Apgujeong GYM/CMA KOREA)

6th Fight (Atom Weight: 5min x 3R)
Amp the Rocket/47.8kg (TARNTONG GYM/PHUKET TOP TEAM) VS Hong Yoon Ha/47.55kg (Von Jiu Jisu Songtan)

5th Fight (Flyweight: 5min x 2R)
Yukari Nabe/57.05kg (HMC Japan/Reversal Gym Shinjyuku Me,We) VS Kaewjai the Rocket/56.5kg (Thongma GYM)

4th Fight (Atomweight: 5min x 2R)
Park Jeong/47.6kg (Team STRONG WOLF) VS Emi Sato/47.85kg (Mouri Dojo)

3rd Fight (49.0kg: 5min x 2R)
KAI/48.95kg (Reversal Gym Tachikawa ALPHA) VS Mizuki Furuse/48.85kg (Y&K MMA ACADEMY)

2nd Fight (49.0kg: 5min x 2R)
Nanaka Kawamura/48.9kg (Kamen Jyoshi) VS Otoha Nagao/48.9kg (AACC)

1st Fight (Micro Weight: 5min x 2R)
Yasuko Tamada/43.95kg (AACC) VS Kotori/42.05kg (Kakuto Karate Yuken-Kai)

Park Jeong,Kang Hi Eun and Hong Yoon Ha were late for the weigh-in event due to traffic jam so they made weight after the weigh-in event and they passed.


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