King Reina returned at DEEP Jewels 28

Despite missing weight, King Reina picked up a much-needed win. Photo: Akihito Tatematsu.

DEEP JEWELS 28 took place on 24 February 2020 at the New Pier Hall.

Making a return was “King” Reina Miura, who missed weight, but continued to compete. Her opponent was Andre the Rocket, a 20-year-old MMA fighter from Thailand.

The fight was one-sided. At the beginning of the fight Andre hit her striking, but Miura bounced back with striking prowess. As the fight progressed, she gained mount position and pounded her Thai opponent. Miura returned strongly.

DEEP JEWELS 28 saw the start of a four women micro-weight tournament and Amp the Rocket, Emi Sato, Yasuko Tamada and Mizuki Furuse took part in.

Amp, also from Thailand and Mizuki Furuse won their opening rounds and will likely meet in a final. The next DEEP Jewels will be held on 6 May at Korakuen Hall.

DEEP JEWELS 28 Results:

Main Event Featherweight: 5min x 2R
KING Reina (Shibuya CLUB 428/K-Clann) VS Andre the Rocket (HANGER GYM: Thailand)
King Reina won by TKO at 1R 3:29

Micro Weight Tournament 1 Round: 5min x 2R
Amp the Rocket (Tarnthong Gym/Phuket Top Team:Thailand) VS Emi Sato (Mouri Dojo)
Amp won by Arm-Bar at 1R 0:49.

Micro Weight Tournament 1 Round: 5min x 2R
Yasuko Tamada (AACC) VS Mizuki Furuse (Y&K Academy)
Furuse won by 3-0/Decision.

Strawweight: 5min x 2R
Miki Motono (AACC) VS Nonpang the Rocket (Tarntong GYM:Thailand)
Motono won by TKO at 1R 4:27.

Under 49kg: 5min x 2R
Nanaka Kawamura (Kame Jyoshi) VS Mika Sakamoto (FIGHT HOLIC)
Kawamura won by TKO at 1R 2:56.

Under 49kg: 5min x 2R
Otoha Nagao (AACC) VS Sakura (Free)
Sakura won by 3-0/Decision.

Strawweight: 5min x 2R
Tomoko Ioue (Striple Ibaragi) VS Chisato Wada (Mouri Dojo)
Wada won by TKO at 1R 1:06.

Micro Weight Tournament: 5min x 2R
Sae Kokuo (Wajyutsu Keishu-Kai Funabashi-Dojo) VS Moe Sasaki (Kakuto-Gi Dojo BURST)
Sasaki won by 3-0/Decision.


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