DEEP Jewels 20 results: female prospect Park upsets Emi Tomimatsu


Place:Shinjyuku FACE
Start 18:30 / End 21:30
Promotion Movie:

DEEP JEWELS 20 took place on 9 June 2018 at Shinjyuku FACE in Tokyo.

Before the fight Emi Tomimatsu said that “I can hear the RED belt wants to move. I think it is the time.” in the promotion movie.

Of course she has high concern to the current atomweight champion Mina Kurobe.

The opponent, Jung Eun Park from Team Strong Wolf debut in 2015 at ROAD FC. Park fought with Emi Fujino and lost at her debut fight. Last December she fought with Mina Kurobe and lost by decision. The fight was almost all boxing and Park won by decision. Park was very good at setting the distance to the opponent at this fight like Kyoji Horiguchi.

KING Reina said that “There are NO opponent at her weight-class in Japan and so changed the weight-class to featherweight with reducing 10Kg. In the lighter division, Reina was faster and delivered heavier striking. For the opponent, Eun Ji Choi, it was her debut fight. KING Reina got quick win via rear-choke.

After the win KING Reina appealed to RIZIN CEO Sakakibara for the next fight and she got the next fight at RIZIN12 in Nagoya next August.

The third fight Nanaka Kawamura (in purple) had a fight as a professional fighter with Momoko Yamazaki (in blue costume) from The Outsider.

Kawamura is one member of the idol group “Kamen Jyoshi (Masked Girls)” so many her fans (mostly non-MMA fans) came to the arena and before staring the event Kamen Jyoshi had a mini concert in the ring. A remarkable phenomenon. Her opponent Yamazaki is famous for her sweet face and her naughty personality.

After Kawamura got her first win as a professional fighter, Kawamura also appealed to RIZIN, RIZIN CEO Sakakibara said she may not be ready, but he will keep a close eye. “We want to check your fights more to judge.”

8th Fight (Atom Weight:5min x 2R)
Emi Tomimatsu (PARAESTRA Matsudo) VS Jung Eun Park (TEAM STRONG WOLF)
Park won by 3-0/Decision.

7th Fight (Feather Weight:5min x 2R)
KING Reina (SHIBUYA CLUB 426) VS Eun Ji Choi (MAX FC4 Fearless GYM)
KING Reina won by Choke Sleeper at 1R 1’40”.

6th Fight (Fly Weight:5min x 2R /Elbow-Attack allowed)
Yukari Nabe (HMC JAPAN) VS Kana Watanabe (FIGHTER’S FLOW)
Watanabe won by 2-0/Decision.

5th Fight (Fly Weight:5min x 2R)
Shizuka Sugiyama (Reversal Gym Shinjyuku Me,We) VS Sachiko Fujimori (Brightness)
Sugiyama won by 3-0/Decision.

Former feather weight and atom weight DEEP JEWELS champion Sugi-Rock finished her MMA career with 12-wins and 5-losts. She retired from MMA officially on 9th June 2018, the day of Rock.(“Ro” means “6” and “ck” means “9” in Japanese.)

4th Fight (Under 49kg:5min x 2R)
Mizuki Furuse (Y&K MMA ACADEMY) VS Hikaru Aono (STRIPLE Shin-Yurigaoka)
Aono won by 3-0/Decision.

3rd Fight (Atom Weight:5min x 2R)
Nanaka Kawamura (Kamen Jyoshi) VS Momoko Yamazaki (Free)
Kawamura won by KO at 1R 0’39”.

2nd Fight (Straw Weight:5min x 2R)
Jet Izumi (M16 MuayThai Style) VS Yuko Saito (Akatsuki Dojo)
Saito won by 3-0/Decision.

1st Fight (Straw Weight:5min x 2R)
Mao won by 3-0/Decision.