Tomo Maesawa claims atomweight title at Deep Jewels 22

Newly crowned Deep Jewels atomweight champion Tomo Maesawa. Photo: Akihito Tatematsu.

Deep Jewels returned for its 22nd event at Shinjuku FACE in Tokyo Sunday, where atomweight championship Mina Kurobe and Tomo Maesawa squared off for a third time the main event.

While Kurobe overwhelmed her last opponent Satomi Takano at Deep Jewels 19 in March, this time around it was a different story. Maesawa proved too good on the ground, dropping Kurobe with a superman punch in the second.

As the final round started, Kurobe was effective with her knees in the clinch, but was unable to get Maesawa to the ground. Judges scored the fight 29-28 for Maesawa by spilt decision to win the atomweight title.

King Reina Returns

“King” Reina Miura returned to Deep Jewels after a six-month absence to face German fighter Judith Ruis. From the early rounds, Miura overwhelmed Ruis on the feet and with takedowns, but by the third both women looked gassed and unable to do any significant damage.

The fight went the full three rounds and Miura (Fight Club 428) picked up the win to improve her record to 10 wins and just two losses.

King Reina picked up the UD win at Deep Jewels 22: Photo: Akihito Tatematsu.

Further down the card Satomi “Sarami” Takano fought against Yuko Saito. For Saito it was a first time to fight with the elbow attack allowed rule. Saito became stronger before but Takano fought with this rule many times. Finally Takano won with full-mark score 3-0.

Deep Jewels 22 also saw Nanaka Kawamura, a rising star in women’s MMA in Japan, take on striker Tomomi Souda. Kawamura, who belongs to the Masked Girls idol group, dominate Souda with takedowns and ground-control skills to get the win.

In a post-fight speech, Kawamura appealed RIZIN boss Sakakibara for a spot on Rizin’s NYE card. Sakakibara did not rule out the a potential bout and said it was worth exploring.

Nanaka Kawamura of Masked Girls fame.

Full results Deep Jewels 22

Atomweight Title Bout
Tomo Maesawa def. Mina Kurobe
Split Decision

Featherweight Bout
Reina Miura def. Judith Ruis
Unanimous Decision

Atomweight Bout
Satomi “Sarami” Takano def. Yuko Saito
Unanimous Decision

Strawweight Bout
Mika Nagano vs. TANJA Angerer

Flyweight Bout
Yukari Nabe def. Ibu Takamori
Unanimous Decision

Nanaka Kawamura def. Tomomi Soda
Unanimous Decision

53.5kg Bout
Red Apple def. Jet Izumi
Unanimous Decision


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