Early at the beginning of 2012, a new MMA promotion was conceived in Asia based on a very interesting concept: the league format.  GODS Fighting Championship was announced as the first promotion in Asia that will feature teams from different countries competing in a professional MMA league.  As the brainchild of new MMA standouts in Asia, Will Chope and Mark Striegl along with Ron Rezek, this promotion has a fantastic approach to developing and showcasing Asian MMA.  GODS FC will serve to provide a much-needed stepping stone for regional MMA fighters with no or small records to gain experience at a professional event – possibly away from their own country – prior to being signed to larger international shows. The dual goal is to increase international awareness of MMA and give amateur and aspiring fighters a realistic shot at turning pro.  Of course, the league aspect will be an outlet for national pride.

The first leg of the league has been announced for April 14th, 2012.  Kuala Lumpur will witness the inaugural clash of international teams, as Team Taiwan travels to take on Team Kuala Lumpur.  Muayfit is the main sponsor for the event which will be held at Overtime, a venue that has already witnessed several MMA throwdowns via the local promotion Malaysian FC.

Will Chope is the matchmaker and will work with the teams to create the bouts.  Having fought in the Philippines, Thailand, Saipan, Taiwan, and New Zealand following his move to this side of the globe, and cornering other fighters in Hong Kong and Malaysia, he’s in an excellent position to know just about every fighter in the business.  He is putting together the first fight card which will feature six matches in the league event and six undercard bouts.  Malaysians can expect to see One FC vet Raymond Tiew and soon-to-be One FC vet Jian Kai Chee fighting for Team KL, and Team Taiwan is sending over Wu Dong Xing, Florian Garel, and Hagan Cooper – who once took Vaughn Anderson to a split decision.

For 2012, GODS FC will be an eight team single elimination tournament.  Here are the teams already being formed:

Team Kuala Lumpur
Team Taiwan
Team Phuket
Team Baguio
Team Hong Kong
Team Singapore
Team Seoul
Team Tokyo

The matches will be in a cage for the first event, and all events will follow ABC “Unified Rules”.  Team scores will be accumulated by one point for each match won.  If in the event of a 2-3 score after the fifth bout, the final match will be awarded two points.  The format calls for strategy in each team’s line up.
The second event will be later in the year, and will take place in Baguio, Philippines.  Team Hong Kong will travel there to meet Team Baguio, and a possible second match up between two other teams make take place at the same event.

Currently, the GODS FC Facebook page is where to visit for updates and developments. 


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