Team 10th Planet wins QUINTET Fight Night 3


QUINTET Fight Night 3 was held at ARENA TACHIKAWA TACHIHI with 1939 attendance.
This event was streamed live on UFC Fight Pass and Hulu (Japan only).

It was first grappling event with 4 teams under QUINTET rule.
*Total weight of the team (5 fighters) must be under 280kg one day prior to the event.
*1 x 8min round
*1 x 4min round (in case of +7kg weight differences)

4 teams are followings.
*Team 10th Planet (Total:277.4kg) – Grappling based.

Liz Carmouche (63.5kg)
Grace Gundrum (43.8kg)
Elvira Karppinen (64.8kg)
Lila Smadja-Cruz (52.15kg)
Fabiana Jorge (53.15kg)

*Team DEEP JEWELS (Total 278.4kg) – MMA based.

KING Miura (68.75kg)
Hikaru Aono (49.9kg)
Yukari Nabe (59.8kg)
Tomo Maesawa (49.65kg)
Emi Tomimatsu (50.3kg)

*Team BJJ KUNOICHI (Total 261.0kg) – BJJ based. KUNOICHI means “female NINJA”.

Yuki Sugiuchi (51.25kg)
Akiko Sawada (53.85kg)
Rikako Yuasa (49.15kg)
Nanami Ichikawa (59.2kg)
Iori Echigo (47.5kg)

*Team Sun Chlorella – Wrestling based.

Miyuu Ikemoto (54.0kg)
Megumi Sugimoto (52.15kg)
Mika Nagano (51.2kg)
Sara Mcmann (67.75kg)
Miyuu Yamamoto (54.0kg)


*1st Match – 1st Round
Team 10th Planet VS Team DEEP Jewels

Liz Carmouche VS KING Reina – Draw
Grace Gundrum VS Hikaru Aono – Draw
Elvira Karppinen VS Yukari Nabe – Karppinen won by Toe-Hold at 0’23”
Elvira Karppinen VS Tomo Maesawa – Karppinen won by Arm-Bar at 3’25”
Elvira Karppinen VS Emi Tomimatsu – Karppinen won by Rear-Choke at 3’58”

Team 10th Planet won.


*1st Match – 2nd Round
Team BJJ KUNOICHI VS Team Sun Chlorella

Yuki Sugiuchi VS Miyuu Ikeomoto – Sugiuchi won by Arm-Bar at 0’58”
Yuki Sugiuchi VS Megumi Sugimoto – Sugiuchi won by Arm-Bar at 0’40”
Yuki Sugiuchi VS Mika Nagano – Sugiuchi won by Triangle Arm-Bar at 0’49”
Yuki Sugiuchi VS Sara Mcmann – Mcmann won by Guillotine Choke at 0’25”
Sara Mcmann VS Akiko Sawada – Mcmann won by Arm Triangle Choke at 1’19”
Sara Mcmann VS Rikako Yuasa – Yuasa won by Arm-Bar at 1’55”
Rikako Yuasa VS Miyuu Yamamoto – Yuasa won by Arm-Bar at 6’17”



*Final Match
Team 10th Planet VS Team BJJ KUNOICHI

Lila Smadja-Cruz VS Iori Echigo – Draw
Fabiana Jorge VS Nanami Ichikawa – Draw
Elvira Karppinen VS Yuki Sugiuchi – Draw
Grace Gundrum VS Rikako Yuasa – Draw
Liz Carmouche VS Akiko Sawada – Draw

ALL judges judged Aggressiveness to Team 10th Planet so Team 10th Planet won.


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