Carry Bullos makes his ONE FC debut in Singapore: “It is a dream come true for me”

ONE FC's Carry Bullos
ONE FC’s Carry Bullos

ONE FC 22 takes place in Singapore on November 7, 2014. Carry Bullos, the URCC Visayas Bantamweight Champ, will make his promotional debut.


Bullos, from the Philippines, will be facing Major Overall, a Japanese-American now living and training in Singapore. Overall has the experience of two ONE FC fights in his pocket as he welcomes Bullos to the bright lights big show.

Having signed with the promotion in March, Bullos hasn’t seen action since he defeated Hideo Morikawa with an attention-getting 39 second KO in January of 2013. The Seldef MMA proponent hails from Pajo, Lapu Lapu City, Philippines and got his start in the URCC’s regional shows. A 7-1 record of almost all finishes garnered the attention of ONE FC.

In this interview ahead of his upcoming debut with ONE FC, Bullos very candidly speaks about how his team has brought him so far, the lessons he’s learned in his MMA journey, and what he hopes to accomplish in the future.


Asia MMA: How did your nickname “The Prince” come about?

Bullos: I am the youngest and [laughs] possibly the most good-looking in the family, so I was often spared from helping with the home chores. That is why my elder brother called me “The Prince” and the nickname stuck since. My real name is Carry Tumalak Bullos.

Asia MMA: What was your first martial arts discipline and what transitioned you into a pro MMA fighter?

Bullos: My first martial arts were taekwando and kickboxing. After securing a few victories in various tournaments, I went on to train as a grappler and that helped gradually develop me as a well-rounded MMA fighter.

Asia MMA: What are your thoughts about your upcoming opponent, Major Overall? He is well-known as a technical fighter with submission skills.

Bullos: I am aware of how experienced he is and how well he plays his ground game. I respect him as a person and a fighter, but once the cage door closes, it is just him and me with only that one thought in each of our minds to finish the other fighter as fast as we could. No turning back there.

Asia MMA: Since you have taekwondo and grappling skills, would you say you’re a better striker or a better grappler?

Bullos: I am just an average striker and grappler, but I am definitely a well-rounded fighter.

Asia MMA: What other strengths do you bring into the cage?

Bullos: My faith in God and the belief that I can do what I set my mind to do are my biggest strengths.

Asia MMA: The only loss on your record came at the hands of well-known Leonard Delormino. What did you take away from that fight?

Bullos: My fight against Delarmino was definitely a good lesson for me. I had initially controlled the fight from the start but very quickly gassed out. [laughs] It taught me that trying to lose 40 pounds in one month was the hardest thing to do, and that I should never underestimate my opponents.

Asia MMA: What would you say was your best fight?

Bullos: All my fights were my best fight. I put in my best effort during each fight and each fight is an opportunity for me to learn something new about the sport, about my opponents and about myself as a fighter. I become a better fighter in the process.


“I am proud to be flying the Philippines flag in my upcoming bout.”


Asia MMA: Can you describe your training regimen for this fight?

Bullos: I train very hard every day. Nothing has changed much as I always put in 100% in every aspect of my training. But what I have done to prepare myself better for this upcoming fight is to do more cage drills and simulations. I want to make sure that the cage will never be my enemy, and that it would not intimidate me, so I practice wrestling within the confines of a fence at least 4 times a week, besides training in striking and grappling.

Asia MMA: Since that huge weight cut for Delarmino, are you doing anything different in your regular diet and weight cut?

Bullos: I am not that strict in terms of diet. I simply eat clean, with no junk food or sweet food in between. Cutting weight will be crucial because I am in a different environment this time.

Asia MMA: How have your coach and team mates at Seldef MMA shaped you?

Bullos: I am indebted to my coach and my brother Lyndel and Kirby Bullos. if not because of them I would never be where I am right now. They bring out the best in me as a fighter by challenging me to reach far and beyond what I thought I am capable of doing. My sparring partners Jimmy Yabo and Alex Abraham, my family the the Seldef family have always been pushing me to the max. I am grateful that they believe in my capabilities.

Asia MMA: How do you feel about your ONE FC debut?

Bullos: I am incredibly happy and proud to fly the Philippines flag at ONE FC in Singapore and it is a dream come true for me.

Asia MMA: What are your greatest achievements inside and outside the cage?

Bullos: Inside the cage, my greatest achievement is having grown and come this far as a pro MMA fighter. Outside the cage, my greatest achievements are raising my kids as a committed father and being a brother. Together with my lovely wife Farrah Mae, we have two georgeous girls, Carry Mae and Candy Mae.

Asia MMA: You must spend a lot of time with your family; what else do you do when not training for a fight?

Bullow: When I am not training for a fight, my greatest enjoyment is spending time with my girls, fishing and coaching my students at the gym.

Asia MMA: What are your goals and ambitions in MMA?

Bullos: I want to be renowned for being one of the Philippines’ best MMA fighters and I want to continue to share my skills with young aspiring MMA fighters through coaching.

Asia MMA: How do you see your debut at ONE FC ending?

Bullos: I am not able to predict the outcome of the fight. All I can promise is that i will simply do my best for my family, SELDEF and country. I am proud to be flying the Philippines flag in my upcoming bout as I fight for the first time at ONE FC in Singapore.