On August 31st, Felipe Enomoto will enter the ONE FC cage for the third time and on every occasion he has been the underdog, the man the fans felt would lose to the favourite. He proved the odds makers wrong against Ole Laursen, knocking the K-1 veteran down with a head kick before choking him out, but could not quite repeat the trick against Zorobabel Moreira.

While Enomoto was ultimately submitted by the Brazilian he matched him for the best part of three rounds and showed that no matter how many people write him off, he is going to be a force to be reckoned with in the ONE FC lightweight division for plenty of time to come.  His next assignment sees him take on hometown hero Eduard Folayang; over16,500 fans are expected at ONE FC: ‘Pride of a Nation’ in Manila and none of them will be cheering for Enomoto.

For this fighter of Swiss-Japanese descent who cut his teeth on the European scene, the experience of going up against a crowd favourite is nothing new. If he beats Folayang in the Philippines then silence will fall over the Areneta Coliseum and that is the sound which Enomoto is hoping to hear at the conclusion of the fight.
A man of few words he spoke to James Goyder for MMA in Asia about his fight with Folayang and his role as the perennial underdog in the ONE FC lightweight division.

Have you watched Eduard Folayang’s last couple of fights and what do you think of him as a fighter?

Eduard is a great and tough guy.

The crowd is going to be behind Folayang; do you think that will affect you at all?

I don’t know yet. Probably not .

He has predicted a stand up war, is that something you are preparing yourself for?

I prepare for war in general, of course also for this scenario.

You beat Ole Laursen and Ole Laursen beat Folayang, does that give you confidence going into this fight?

This has nothing to do with my fight but in answer to your question I am very confident.

Have you ever fought in front of 16,000+ fans before and how much are you looking forward to it?

No never, it’s going be an intense experience.

You always seem to be the underdog when you fight, are you happy playing that role or does it annoy you that you are consistently underestimated?

This is not in my mind, it’s something I don’t even think about. People or “experts” can make their predictions and have their opinions how they want; if they think I am the “underdog” than I will be happy to prove them wrong.

Will you be spending any time training in Asia prior to this fight or are you going to spend your entire camp in Switzerland?

I will go to Asia a little before the fight to get used to the time change, not for camp.

Do you and your brother have a lot of other high level guys to work with or is it mainly the two of you?

No, from time to time we have guests who come to train with us, like right now Phillip Schranz, an Austrian knockout machine who has a fight in September but mainly we train on our own and with our students.

How do you think your skill set compares to Folayang’s?

I think my skill set compares well, we will find out on August 31st.

What did you think of Zorobabel Moreira as a fighter; how did he compare to the UFC guys you have fought like Clementi and Corassani?

Zoro is a very good fighter who can fight with anybody in his weight. I can’t compare him to those other two guys because they are totally different both in body type and stylewise but I think Zoro would be a match for anyone at 155 lbs..

How happy are you to have signed with ONE FC and how are you enjoying it?

I am very happy, it’s an interesting time in my life and all the ONE FC shows I have been to have been very impressive and I am lucky to have signed with the biggest promotion in Asia.


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