ONE Championship 27 Ariel Sexton finishes Eddie Ng by RNC in the second



ONE Championship 27 took on May 22, 2015 at the Singapore Indoor Stadium in Singapore. Eddie Ng maked his return to MMA against late replacement Ariel Sexton, and Sexton’s game plan of strikes and takedowns finally earned a tap from Ng in the second round.

ONE Championship 27
May 22, 2015

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Eddie Ng vs Ariel Sexton

Sexton looks aggressive, Ng looks calm. Both men throw punch kick combos. Ng lands a hook! Dazes Sexton and goes for shoot, Ng rapidly back to his feet. Ng defends a trip and a sweep. Ng with underhooks and spins. Ng with knees and an elbow in the clinch. Ng far out timing Sexton’s punches, but Sexton returns a right and another, uppercut. Ng comes back with one. Sexton comes back with length, then shoots and gets it down. Ng sits back tto the cage and stands. Sexton lands, then Ng does! Sexton with a big right! Ng defends the hip toss, but Sexton doggedly gets it down, throws up a triangle at the bell!

Rd 2. Sexton lands an over hand right, and takes down Ng for a mount, spin and RNC!

Ariel Sexton def Eddie Ng by Submission, RNC, 1:10

ONE Championship 27 Ariel Sexton def Eddie Ng
ONE Championship 27 Ariel Sexton def Eddie Ng