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ONE FC 13 – Moment of Truth
December 6, 2013
Mall Of Asia Arena
Manila, Philippines
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10 – Featherweight Championship
Koji Oishi (24-9-10) vs Honorio ‘The Rock’ Banario (8-2)

Koji enters to the Pancrase theme. Very tentative round. They both obviously remember the knock downs they tasted the last time out. First combo is thrown by Banario. More combos by Banario but not much engagement. Koji barely threw anything at all.

Rd 2. Still tentative. Yuji warns them. Banario 1 2 high kick. Oishi tries for singles but slips. Banario goes in and Koji tags him hard! Staggers him back in his corner but Banarion quickly recovers. Another flurry from Oishi and Banario is rocked. A right almost floors him.

Rd 3. Now Oishi is stalking. Oishi is starting to implement his sniper game and it pays off with a huge KO.

Koji Oishi defeats Honorio Banario by KO, rd 3, 1:43

Kevin ‘The Silencer’ Belingon (11-3) vs David Aranda Santacana (9-0)

Belingon comes out with all kinds of kicks. He throws a left hook in a brief clinch and David goes down face first!

Kevin Belingon defeats David Santacana by KO, rd 1, 2:53

Caros ‘The Future’ Fodor (8-3) vs Vuyisile ‘The Cheetah’ Colossa (6-4)

Vusi comes out to the South African National Anthem to honor Nelson Mandela. Caros attacks right out of the corner and Vusi nails him. But Caros comes back and puts him against the cage. They parts and Vusi works kicks. Vusi gets advantage of a takedown to land and stay on top with elbows. Vusi stands and starts blasting shots down the shoot. Caros still comes forward but Vusi is in and put and able to keep the game off the cage.

Rd 2. Vusi striking at will and in the clinch hammering with knees. Caros grabs a guillotine and Vusi gets out of it by a takedown! Vusi landing throughout the round but slowing a little.

Rd 3. Caros knows he has to get it down. He tries to trip but Vusi defends and goes on the attack with elbows in the clinch that get ooohs from the crowd. Vusi keeps reversing Caros against the cage. Caros tries a trip and again Vusi ends on top. In guard he puts Caros against the cage. They stand for the final round! Vusi punishing qith knees in the clinch. Both men bloody but Colossa clearly dominant.

Vuyisile Colossa defeats Caros Fodor by Unanimous Decision

Eduard ‘Landslide’ Folayang (12-4) vs Vincent Latoel (14-13-2)

Folayang gets thunderous applause and invader Latoel is booed. Folayang eager to show off his new wrestling against the cage. His leg kicks are brytal. Folayang tricks Latoel and shoots for a beautiful double leg! From the top he lands elbows then stands and dives into side control. Latoel keeps trying to recover guard but Folayang just beats on him for the rest of the round! The crowd is chanting “Eduard”.

Rd 2. Folayang brings the kicks out of his box of toys and starts winding yhem up. He shoots, he scores! Latoel tries for a guillotine but tires and in side control he goes to town. With one arm trallep Latoel can olny defend. Folayang lays on him and pounds. Folayang mounts!!! But he decides to stand up and he nails a huge single leg!!!! Knee on belly!!!

Rd 3. Folayang kicks and Caros catches him with a counter. They both smile. More cheers for Folayang. Folayang rocks Latoel with a punch that staggers him back but he doesnt go in for the kill. Standing against the cage Folayang with a hip toss. He stands up out of guard. Latoel slips and Folayang finishes with more punches from the top.

Eduard ‘Landslide’ Folayang defeats Vincent Latoel by Unanimous Decision

Dae Hwan Kim (8-0-1) vs Thanh ‘Aladdin’ Vu (3-2-0)

The two tag each other and then Kim goes on the offensive with punches in bunches and body kicks. They clinch against the cage then Kim again gets the better of the exchange to drop Vu after he knocks his mouthguard out. On the ground Kim goes to work! Vu gets standing! More exchange and Vu gets a knockdown by uppercut at the end of the round! Kim upkicks and ref has to dive in.

Rd 2. Vu shoots. He scrambles and while Kim is wily he cant keep the back. Kim gets top in half guard then side and starts dropping elbows. Vu gets up! Kim goes in but he eats Vus punches. Then Kim rocks Vu, beats him to the ground, takes the back and gets the choke!

Kim DaeHwan defeats Thanh Vu by Submission, rnc, rd 2, 4:10

Geje ‘Gravity’ Eustaquio (4-2) vs Eugene Toquero (4-0)

Toquero plays with his fro to make it perfect. Geje engages and Eugene obliges by clinching and throwing lots of knees. Groin shot. Geje comes back and smacks Eugene with a right then gets a single leg! Eugene reverses off the cage! Geje picks him up and slams him! Geje has side but Eugene gets up! Geje lands a teep on his jaw. Lots of engaging and Geje takes a kick for a single. He works inside half guard then Eugene gets out then Geje goes for an ankle and rolls at the bell!

Eugene goes for a takedown now but Geje lands mount. Eugene reverses and so deos Geje. But not much movemwnt in mount ref stands. Geje with a nice knee and body kick. Geje is darting in and out and landing. Eugene visibly tiring in his first 2nd round of him mma career and gets taken down.

Rd 3. Geje looks fresh and Eugene is plodding now. Geje in and out with punches. Geje has fast hands! He is closing Eugenes right wyw and nailing him with kicks. Eugene gives an illegal shot to the back of the head and the bout is time atoppes. Restart and Eugene is basically walking into Gejes punches. Geje with a td just because he can. Wonderful final minute of guts!

Geje ‘Gravity’ Eustaquio defeats Eugene Toquero by Unanimous Decision

Alain ‘The Panther’ Ngalani (1-0) vs Paul ‘Typhoon’ Cheng (3-1)

Alain with a high kick! Paul tries to take him down but it is Alan who ends on top! Alain in side control looking for a kimura. Paul tries to get to standing and he does but Alain has his upper body and trips him again. Paul recovers guard goes for a kimura and finally gets up. Alain slips and Paul capitalizes on it with ground and pound from the back.

Paul Cheng defeats Alain Ngalani by verbal tapout due to strikes, rd1, 4:50

Koetsu Okazaki (8-3-1) vs Josh Alvarez (12-5)

Koetsu Okazaki defeats Josh alvarez by submission

Ruel ‘The Avenger’ Catalan (1-4) vs Khim Dima (0-0-0-1)

Ruel Catalan defeats Khim Dima by TkO, rd 1

Edward Kelly ‘The Rock’ (5-0) vs Herbert Burns (1-0)

Kelly thinks he has the upper hand when Burns slips on a kick. But Burns recovers with a single leg and quickly ends it by RNC.

Herbert Burns defeats Edward Kelly by Submission, RNC, rd 1