#1 – Preliminary Featherweight match
Ngabdi Mulyadi (Lindu Aji) versus Mitch Chilson (Evolve MMA)

Mitch dominates through the first after getting caught in a couple of tight guillotines.  It comes out for the second, and Mitch dumps the wrestler again and transitions to mount, getting a win by gnp.  Mitch showed a lot of heart and intelligence in bringing out his wrestling game against a wrestler.

#2 – Preliminary Flyweight match
Bruce Loh (Impact) versus Gianni Subba (Monarchy MMA)

Singapore Indoor Stadium is packed and the crowd goes crazy for homeboy Bruce Loh. Seyazawa is the ref for this one.  Not even a minute in and Subba rocks him with a left hook, putting Loh on his butt and follows up with a soccer kick to his head when he’s laid out, follows him down with a right on the ground but Bruce is already out and the ref dives in to stop it.

#3 – Bantamweight Grand Prix 1st Round, 1st match
Kevin Belingon (Team Lakay) versus Yusup Saadulaev (UFlacker)

Kevin Belingon weathers a huge attempted suplex, however it’s face to face and he lands in side control.  With a few well-times shots, he Kos Yusup on the floor!

#4 – Bantamweight Grand Prix 1st Round, 2nd match
Masakatsu Ueda (Paraestra) versus Min Jung Song (Team Max)

Fantastic first round, Ueda’s only way to handle Min is to try and put him on his back but Song defends really well and knows position from his back well. 2nd  Ueda comes out with more accuracy.  Song runs him against the cage.  Ueda sinks a guillotine that is TIGHT.  Song finally works his way out and gets back to his feet, JUST missing a soccer kick!  Song is good at handling Ueda’s tDs and kicks.  On to round two!  Ueda thinks he can dial in and gets some nice body kicks bit Song recovers and attacks, ever tries for a td, Ueda reverses it.  Ueda can’t finish and the ref stands them up.  A great fight by both men!  Masakatsu Ueda defeats Min Jung Song by Unanimous Decision.

#5 – Bantamweight Grand Prix 1st Round, 3rd match
Jens Pulver (Team Extreme) versus Yanfei Zhao (Extreme Sanda)

Looks like our internet connection is slow.

#6 – Middleweight match
Ryo Kawamura (Pancraseism) versus Melvin Manhoef (Mike’s Gym)

#7 – Superfight, Lightweight
Shinya Aoki (Evolve MMA) versus Arnaud Lepont (Muayfit)

#8 – Bantamweight Championship match
Leandro Issa (Evolve MMA) versus Soo Chul Kim (Team Force)

#9 – Lightweight Championship match
Kotetsu Boku (Krazy Bee) versus Zorobabel Moreira (Evolve MMA)


Official results for ONE FC: RISE OF KINGS:

Shinya Aoki defeats Arnaud Lepont by triangle choke submission at 1:25 minutes of round 1
Kotetsu Boku defeats Zorobabel Moreira by TKO at 1:02 minutes of round 3
Soo Chul Kim defeats Leandro Issa by KO at 15 seconds of round 2
Melvin Manhoef defeats Ryo Kawamura by KO at 4:40 minutes of round 1
Jens Pulver defeats Zhao Ya Fei by unanimous decision of round 3
Masakatsu Ueda defeats Min Jung Song by unanimous decision at 3:00 minutes of round 3
Kevin Belingon defeats Yusup Saadulaev by TKO at 3:18 minutes of round 1
Gianni Subba defeats Bruce Loh by KO at 33 seconds of round 1
Mitch Chilson defeats Ngabdi Mulyadi by TKO at 3:57 minutes of round 2



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