Singaporeans Radeem Rahman and Amir Khan set to shine for their country at ONE FC 20

ONE FC's Radeem Rahman and Amir Khan
ONE FC’s Radeem Rahman and Amir Khan

One FC 20 on 12 September, 2014 in Cambodia sees two groundbreaking Singaporeans step into the cage: Radeem Rahman and Amir Khan, both from the Evolve Fight Team.


Rahman will be making his third appearance in One FC and this will be Khan’s professional debut.  These two fighters are making leaps for the popularity of MMA in Singapore.

On 2nd August 2014, Singapore’s Channel News Asia stated that in MMA, “local interest in the sport remains lukewarm.”  Considering the efforts by Singapore-based promotion One FC and the many MMA gyms to increase the awareness of the sport amongst Singaporeans and build a core pool of excellent athletes, this statement is remarkably disputable.

Previously, One FC has given other Singaporean fighters like Juan Wen Jie, Quek Kim Hock and Bruce Loh the opportunity to shine in the cage alongside international fighters. Jie (3-0) and Loh (2-3) fight out of Impact MMA and Hock (1-1) fights out of Juggernaut Fight Club. With their One FC  exposure, the fight training regime, and the media glare surrounding an international MMA organization, these home grown fighters planted the seeds of MMA interest amongst Singaporeans.

Now two more Singaporeans have their chance to shine in the spotlight of Singapore’s own promotion, One FC.  First of them, Rahman, stakes the claim of being the first Singaporean pro MMA fighter and the first Singaporean to be invited to the prestigious Evolve Fight Team. Holding a record of 2-0, he will face Taiwanese fighter Sung Ming Yen (3-1). Rahman credits his unbeaten record to his “never-give -up” attitude. The hard work he put into rehabilitation led to quick recovery from an ACL surgery and soon after he returned to MMA with another impressive victory, by KO. Rahman said,

“I am very proud to represent Singapore yet again at One FC 20 and am confident of bringing it home to Singapore. My dream is to to show that a Singaporean is capable of competing professionally alongside world class MMA fighters.”

The other Singaporean fighter at One FC 20 is the newly signed 19 year old Amir Khan. Khan will be making his pro debut against Malaysian Jian Kai Chee (4-4). Only the third Singaporean to be invited to join the Evolve Fight Team, Khan has had successive wins in 4 amateur bouts and has won several Muay Thai championships. While the pro-fight experience lies in favour with Jian, Khan is not worried as he stayed focused during his intensive training sessions leading up to 12 September. In fact, Khan expressed his enthusiasm about showing the world what he feels will be his edge when he steps into the cage with Jian,

“My explosive fighting style is my edge.”

Both Rahman and Khan are strongly confident about their upcoming fights. They are currently being trained by Heath Sims, a 6 times US National Champion and US Olympic wrestler. Khan also trained BJJ under Relson Gracie. Beyond their pedigree training and their enthusiasm about representing Singapore in an international cage at One FC, both Rahman and Khan are adamant that only passion, determination and hard work will see them through the grueling regime of being a successful MMA fighter.

They were thankful to One FC for providing them with the opportunity to showcase the skills and capability of Singaporean fighters,and for developing their fight careers in a sport largely dominated by a Western fighters.