Rudy Gunawan wins fourth title defense at One Pride FN 23

Rudy Gunawan, One Pride welterweight champion
Rudy Gunawan, One Pride welterweight champion

One Pride Fight Night 23 kicked off the new series of Saturday shows with the fourth brutal and lightning fast welterweight title defense by Rudy Gunawan.

Gunawan’s undefeated challenger Alwin Kincai seemed like he might be the first one to mount a serious attack on the welterweight “King of Knockout”.

He was bigger, well-positioned to go toe-to-toe and came out of his corner with a huge kick to the midsection that had Gunawan doubling over to get out of the way.

When Kincai continued with his forward momentum, he took a straight right crack to the jaw that slung out his mouthpiece and dropped him mid-flight. Gunawan had just finished his ninth opponent with his first punch thrown.

Atomweight Tournament Narrows

In another round of the atomweight tournament, Ade Permana was relentless in his attack on Wahyu Tri Wijayanto. Permana was determined to finish on the ground, so he repeatedly shot in for takedowns, with incredible atomweight speed. Eventually, Permana forced Wijayanto into the position he wanted and from the back, Permana got the first round tap to a rear naked choke.

One Pride 23 Ade Permana
Ade Permana chokes Wahyu Tri Wijayanto at One Pride FN 23

Edowar Virnanda and Zaenudin showed what the One Pride highly competitive strawweight division is turning fighters into. But first, “Crazy Joker” Edowar donned a Joker mask and a high-collared cape, and rode a minibike out to the cage. Zaenudin started off strong with huge damaging kicks.

Edowar stayed in it and bided his time to land takedowns and dominate on the canvas. In the final round, both fighters were worn but remained technical, and Edowar edged out a great decision victory.

Hatoropan Simbolon and Yesreel Mocodaser put on a one minute grappling scramble. Mocodaser got the first takedown, but Simbolon came out with the back take in a scramble and got a tap from a rear naked choke in just over a minute.

In the opening fight, Ahmad Abdirahma thought he’d pull a fast one and take down Laode Abdul Haris, but what he ended up with was a guillotine choke around his neck and having to tap in the first minute of action.

Edowar defeats Zaenudin at One Pride FN 23
Edowar defeats Zaenudin at One Pride FN 23

One Pride Fight Night 23
6 October 2018
Jakarta, Indonesia

Welterweight Championship
Rudy Gunawan def Alwin Kincai by TKO, R1

Atomweight Tournament
Ade Permana def Wahyu Tri Wijayanto by Submission, RNC, R1

Edowar Virnanda def Zaenudin by Decision

Hatoropan Simbolon def Yesreel Mocodaser by Submission, RNC, R 1 1:14

Laode Abdul Haris def Ahmad Abdirahma by Submission, Guillotine, R1


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