Kenta Takizawa edges closer to Pancrase bantamweight title


Pancrase 310 took place on 10 November at Studio Coast in Tokyo. The main event was bantamweight contender fight as no. 3 ranked Kenta Takizawa faced no. 2 ranked Hayato Ishii.

Although Takizawa lost his last title match to Rafael Silva, Takizawa is a impressive and fast-growing striker.

Hayato Ishii is the second-ranked grappler in the Shooto. Leading up to the bout Ishii has faced some very public troubles with his gym, before transferring to a Tokyo gym, this trouble has been a huge source of debate among Japanese MMA fans and this fight has attracted a similar amount of attention.

During the fight Takizawa dominated and the fight ended with Takizawa knocking out his opponent with a flying knee. After the fight Takizawa said the bantamweight division in Japan was exciting and he was now looking to make his mark.

“I want to make Japan more exciting by defeating strong guys.”

There was another notable fight on this day. Sayako, famous for her intensely tanned and body building skills, fought her first fight at Pancrase. The opponent was Korean Hong Yerin with her MMA debut fight. The fight was a striking battle and Sayako won the fight with great attention, but many tasks remained to be stronger.

The next event Pancrase 311 is scheduled on 8 December and a title match will be held to determine the interim champion of the women’s straw-weight class. FUJINO vs Jang.

Pancrase 310 results

Bantamweight: 5min x 3R
Kenta Takizawa (EXFIGHT) vs Hayato Ishii (TRIBE TOKYO M.M.A)
Takizawa won by TKO at 1:59 of R3

Catchweight: 5min x 3R
Ryo Hatta (Striple Ohana) VS Tatsuya So (To-shin)
So won by TKO at 4:34 of R3

Atomweight: 5min x 3R
Sayako (Reversal Gym Yokohama Grand-Slam) VS Hong Yerin (DK GYM/Korea)
Sayako won by Decision
*Sayako got ¥50,000 win bonus

Bantamweight: 5min x 3R
Yuichi Ohashi (P’s Lab Oizumi) VS Soo Young Yoo (Bon Jiu-Jitsu/Korea)
Yoo won by KO at 13 seconds of R1

Strawweight: 5min x 3R
Antolin won by submission at 0:33 of R2

Featherweight: 5min x 3R
Hanzo Tanaka (FUN’S) VS Suguru Nii/KOMBA OUJI (HMC JAPAN)
Tanaka won by Decision

Lightweight: 5min x 3R
Yasuaki Kishimoto (Sogo Kakuto-Gi Dojo KOBRA-Kai) VS Takashi Matsuoka (PANCRASEism Yokohama)
Matsuoka won by Decision

Flyweight: 5min x 3R
Tatsuyuki Nakamura (LOTUS Setagaya) VS Kouhei Sugiyama (SPLASH)
Sugiyama won by Decision

Middleweight: 3min x 3R
Yuta Nakamura (T-Rex Jiu-Jitsu Academy) VS Ikkei (Free)
Nakamura won by Decision


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