Emi Fujino claims strawweight title at Pancrase 311


Pancrase 311 took place on 8 December 2019 at Studio Coast.

Emi Fujino has claimed the women’s strawweight title at Pancrase 311, with a late submission finish over her South Korean opponent Hyun Ji-Jang. The 39-year-old started strong and continued to dominate over the three rounds.

Results: Pancrase 311

Strawweight King of Pancrase Title match: 5min x 5R
Emi Fujino (FIGHT FARM) vs. Jang Hyunji (THE SSEJIN/Korea)
Fujino won by Rear-Choke at 3:20 of R3

Catchweight (67kg): 5min x 3R
Wataru Mimura (Pancrase Osaka Inagaki-Gumi:66.75kg) vs. Saimon Oliveira (ASTRA FIGHT TEAM/Brazil:65.75kg)
Oliveira won by TKO at 1:14 of R1

Flyweight: 5min x 3R
Taiki Akiba (Sogo Kakuto-gi Dojo Reliable) vs. Luthando Biko (PESFA/South Africa)
Biko won by Decision

Featherweight: 5min x 3R
Shinsuke Kamei (PARAESTRA Hachioji) vs. Victor Hugo (ASTRA FIGHT TEAM/Brazil)
Hugo won by Decision

Flyweight: 3min x 3R
Maria Suziki (Shimura Dojo) vs. Nori DATE (Team DATE)
Suzuki won by Decision

Flyweight: 5min x 3R
Masatatsu Ueda (Ogata Dojo) vs. Ryuichi Miki (CAVE)
Miki won by Decision

Strawweight: 3min x 3R
Teppei Maeyama (Free) vs. Takafumi Ato/Little (GUTSMAN)
Maeyama won by TKO at 2:29 of 1R

Featherweight: 3min x 3R
Taiyo Hayashi (CAVE) vs. Mayo Komori (GRABAKA)
Hayashi won by 3-0/Decision.

Flyweight: 3min x 3R
Naoki Arikawa (K-PLACE) vs. Ryosuke Kano (Sogo Kakuto-Gi Dojo KOBRA-Kai)
Arikawa won by Decision


2 of 3 PANCRASE Round Girls graduated and 2 new girls will be added next year.



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