Pancrase champ Kume defended his belt


Date: 2019.4.14(Sun)
Start 16:00 / End 21:40
Promotion Movie:
UFC Fight pass:

PANCRASE 304 took place on 14 April 2019 at STUDIO COAST in Tokyo.

Current Light Weight King of PANCRASE Takasuke Kume took HEAT Lightweight Champ Tom Santos who has 80% KO rate for his 2nd Title defending fight. Kume got take down with quick punching to sweeping leg throw and got mount position. And Kume used triangle choke to get the tap. After winning Kume was invited to fight at ONE Championship from ONE Japan CEO Hata-san.

At this night PANCRASE set 3 women international fights. On first fight former pro-boxer RAIKA took Brazilian Cantuaria. Cantuaria took down and set the beautiful arm bar at 1st round. On 2nd fight Emi Fujino who can lift 225kg took Russian Guseva. Fujino struggled Guseva’s long range punch and kick but she got take down to GnP. Fujino won by 3-0 decision. After the fight Fujino appealed “Do not underestimate BBA (Old ladies)!” in a loud voice and she got the special bonus from PANCRASE for international fight winning. On 3rd fight Hashi who has led Japanese women MMA long time took Brazilian Rocha and this fight was set as the fly weight title fight. Japanese PANCRASE audience know how Rosha has strong punches and with this fight Rosha’s strong punch made Hashi a defensive fight thru all 5 rounds. Hashi is good at ground fight but she couldn’t do anything about her fight with Rosha’s pressure. Rocha won and became Queen of PANCRASE.Rocha was invited to fight at ONE Championship from ONE Japan CEO Hata-san.


11th Fight (Light Weight King of PANCARSE Title match: 5min x 5R)
Takasuke Kume (ALIVE) VS Tom Santos (Team Brazilian Thai)
Kume won by Triangle Choke at 3R 1’08”.

10th Fight (Fly Weight Queen of PANCARSE Title match: 5min x 5R)
Takayo Hashi (Wajyutsu Keishu-Kai AKZA) VS Sidy Rocha (ROCHA TOP TEAM)
Rocha won by 3-0/Decision.

9th Fight (Straw Weight: 5min x 3R)
Daichi Kitakata (PANCRASE Osaka Inagaki-Gumi) VS Tatsuya So (To-Shin)
Kitakata won by 3-0/Decision.

8th Fight (Feather Weight: 5min x 3R)
Taichi Nakajima (PARAESTRA Tokyo) VS Kyke Aguon (SPIKE22)
Aguon won by 2-1/Decision.

7th Fight (Straw Weight: 5min x 3R)
Emi Fujino (FIGHT FARM) VS Kseniia Guseva (Matti Team)
Fujino won by 3-0/Decision.
*Fujino got ¥100,000- as WIN-BONUS with International-Fight!

6th Fight (Bantam Weight: 5min x 3R)
Tsune (Reversal Gym Shinjyuku Me,We) VS Kintaro (PANCRASE Osaka Inagaki-Gumi)
Kintaro won by KO at 1R 3’11”.

5th Fight (Light Weight: 5min x 3R)
AKIRA (MSC/&MOSH) VS Kenichiro Togashi (PARAESREA Hiroshima)
Togashi won by 3-0/Decision.

4th Fight (Feather Weight: 5min x 3R)
Yojiro Uchimura (Ingram) VS Shinsuke Kamei (PARAESTRA Hachioji)
Uchimura won by 3-0/Decision.
*Both Uchimura and Kamei got ¥100,000- as Super Fight-BONUS!

3rd Fight (Light Weight: 5min x 3R)
Yusuke Kasuya (Sogo Kakuto-gi Dojo CROWN) VS Masayuki Kikuiri (NEVER QUIT)
Kasuya won by TKO at 1R 1’01”.

2nd Fight (Fly Weight/Women MMA: 5min x 3R)
Cantuaria won by Arm-Bar at 1R 3’17”.

1st Fight (Welter Weight: 3min x 3R)
Kenta Takagi (Reversal Gym Kawaguchi REDIPS) VS Kazuma Maruyama (TEAM LTDR)
Takagi won by KO at 1R 1’31”.


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