PRO Fighting 7 Results


Pacific Rim Organized Fighting

July 29, 2012

Taipei, Taiwan

#10 – JJ Ambrose defeats Dong Sun Choi by TKO, 2nd round

#9 – Nick LeConte defeats Brad Terrey by KO, 1st round

#8 – Wu Dongxing 吳東興 defeats Hans Olsen by KO, 1st round

#7 – Will Chope defeats 김대명 Kim Dae Myung by decision

#6 – Cheng Ming Quay defeats Hagan Cooper by KO, 1st round

#5 – 이중원 Jung Won Lee defeats Daniel Gray by Submission (Armbar), 1st round

#4 – Seok Mo Kim defeats Isamu Himura by TKO, 1st round

#3 – Jeff Huang defeats Sunil Rajandran by KO, 1st round

#2 – Zhang Zheng Jie defeats Stone Shih by Submission (RNC), 1st round

#1 – Florien Garel defeats Rocky Lio by Submission (Anaconda choke), 1st round

Thanks to MMA Orient for the first posted results.



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