Ahead of PXC title clash, Alvin Cacdac to Ernesto Montilla, “You’re just another fighter that’s in my way.”

PXC's Alvin Cacdac, courtesy MMAPlanet.jp
PXC’s Alvin Cacdac, courtesy MMAPlanet.jp



WEC and Strikeforce veteran Alvin Cacdac will face Ernesto Montilla for the PXC Flyweight title on November 15, 2014.


Cacdac is arguably the most powerful puncher in the PXC 125-pound division. His record stands at 14-10 and 3-1 in the PXC, with strong wins over Josh Alvarez and Trevin Jones. His lone loss in the “Terror Dome” came at the hands of the former Flyweight Champion and now UFC-signed Louis Smolka at PXC 35.

Cacdac only knows one direction, move forward and hunt, even if he’s getting hit. His chin and endurance have been tested numerous times in the past and he has developed a well-rounded game that will surely be a threat to anybody in his weight division.

That next threat is a big one, it’s for the title. In this interview before Cacdac’s championship fight, he discusses what makes him an exciting fighter, his career goals, and of course his opponent.


Asia MMA: You are coming off an impressive win against top PXC bantamweight contender Trevin Jones last October of 2013. How do you feel about that fight?

Cacdac: It was an honor fighting Trevin. He’s a great fighter. I only fight the best and he’s one of them; and as for winning, against him, I guess that night was just my night.

Asia MMA: All of your PXC wins are coming by either stoppage or submission. You’ve been through up and downs in your career. What keeps the fire burning inside Alvin Cacdac, what makes you to stay hungry in the sport?

Cacdac: What keeps me hungry and keeps that fire is my family, friends and most importantly my goal to one day make to the top of this sport – the UFC.

Asia MMA: Your next fight will be for the vacant PXC Flyweight Title against Ernesto Montilla. What are your thoughts on your next foe?

Cacdac: I’m excited. I finally get to prove to myself and everyone that I deserve this and that I any one of the best.

Asia MMA: How are you feeling right before your title clash against Montilla?

Cacdac: In the days leading up to the fight, I’m feeling ready more than I ever had. I can’t wait to get back in that cage.

Asia MMA: Can you talk a bit about your preparations for this fight?

Cacdac: All I can say is that I’ve been working hard. I can’t wait to get some!


 “I can’t wait to get some!”


Asia MMA: It has been over a year since your last fight. What has been the main reason why you were sidelined?

Cacdac: I know it’s been a year, but I’m always training and I’m always ready. I’ve had two fights fall out on me this year and I’m hungry than ever.

Asia MMA: There’s no doubt about you being one of the most exciting fighters in the division. What is the reason for your exciting style?

Cacdac: I fight for the crowd and I want to make sure they get their money’s worth, and at the same time I love this shit and I have fun with it.

Asia MMA: You’re a massive flyweight fighter. How’s the weight cut so far and have you had any bad experiences before when it comes to weight cutting?

Cacdac: My weight cut was good. It’s hard but life’s harder. (Laughs)

Asia MMA: how do you see this fight going down?

Cacdac: I see myself winning at the end of the day no matter via submission or TKO.

Asia MMA: There will surely be a lot of Montilla fight come fight night. How do you deal with this situation where you’re fighting a hometown hero?

Cacdac: I’m used to fighting in my opponent’s home town crowd. ‘Boo’ me or not; that just gets me more pumped up.

Asia MMA: What can PXC fans expect from you at PXC 46 against Montilla?

Cacdac: It’s going to be a fast and explosive fight. So keep it loud and all eyes in the cage.

Asia MMA: Any message for Ernesto Montilla?

Cacdac: Ernesto, you are just another fighter that’s in my way. I’m going to bring the pain so I hope you’re ready.