Rolando Dy confirms a PXC Bantamweight title rematch with Kyle Aguon set for May 2015

Dy lands a low kick against Aguon during their title fight at PXC 45

One of Philippines’ top bantamweight prospects Rolando Gabriel Dy will get the rematch he was craving for as he will meet Kyle Aguon for the second time on May 2015 in his backyard.

Aguon was the man who beat Dy by a razor-thin split decision to claim the 135-pound title last October at PXC 45 in Guam.

The news was confirmed by Rolando Dy through his personal Facebook account Friday morning.

It was a back and forth battle between Aguon and Dy in their first meeting as both fighters displayed their tremendous improvements in their overall MMA game.

Aguon scored a takedown in the early minutes of the opening round and controlled Dy for quite some time before the Filipino fighter got back up to his feet. Dy connected with a nasty left hook while Aguon was rushing in, sending the Guamanian fighter into the ground momentarily.

The second round was more of the same, except Aguon hurt Dy with a straight left.

Dy rebounded in the third by dominating the round with superb counter striking. He connected several hard elbows and knees in the clinch against Aguon.

In the fourth round, another huge takedown was scored by Aguon, but Dy quickly got back on his feet. He was relentless in his takedown attempts, but Dy showed some good defense.

Both fighters came out flat-footed at the final round of the fight. Aguon connected with several jabs and a straight left, Dy countered with heavy leather, to make it another technical and close round between two of the best bantamweight fighters in the PXC.

Aguon’s hands was raised that night as the judges handed him a split decision win over the tough Filipino contender.  Dy was not happy with the decision and stated,

“I think the judges made a huge mistake that night. As a fighter, a I know how to win and how to get the win. I was the aggressor, I landed most of the significant strikes and I believe I controlled him in the cage that night. I thought being aggressive, landing significant strikes and cage control will give you the win, but unfortunately, the judges did saw it the other way.

“I gave my best that night to secure the win. I still don’t get it why the judges gave him the split decision victory. Even PXC officials told me right after the fight that they thought I would get my hand raised that night. They also told me that they cannot control the judges’ decisions. I really cried that night because I put on so much sacrifice during my preparations for that championship fight.”

Dy, before confirming his rematch against the Guamanian fighter, has been publicly posting Facebook updates on planning to stop Aguon on their rematch and that he will definitely not put the decision into the judges’ hands. He is also planning to start his training camp early in January to make sure Aguon goes home to Guam without a belt wrapped on his waist.  Dy stated his content,

“I am happy that PXC gave me the opportunity to face Aguon for the second time. Like what I said, PXC knows who really won that night and that’s me.  All I can say to Kyle is that be sure to prepare for this rematch because he stole something that belongs to me and I will get it back.”

This rematch has a little bit of drama behind it, that’s why we can expect another exciting scrap between two of the best 135-pounders in the region.  Says Dy of the next outcome,

“I don’t know if I can knock him out or submit him come May 2015 but one thing’s for sure, I will beat him this time.”