Glen Ranillo on his PXC Lightweight title shot: “If they say he’s tough, well, I’m tougher.”

PXC Lightweight title challenger Glen Ranillo
PXC Lightweight title challenger Glen Ranillo

Surging Filipino fighter Glen Ranillo makes the most important fight of his career to date as he takes on Japanese ground game specialist Chuji Kato at PXC 46 on November 15, 2014 for the Lightweight Championship.


Ranillo is a Team Insider Boxing representative. He is 4-2 in the PXC and rides a three fight win streak, including submission wins over Jerry Legaspi and Mark Billena.

Most recent was his jaw-dropping first-round knockout finish of Hawaii’s Reno Remegio last March at PXC 43. Ranillo’s perfectly timed counter put the Hawaiian to sleep in the early minutes lf the opening frame, cementing yet another stoppage in his career. Ranillo was the underdog, but it didn’t bother him,

“They said Remegio’s striking was world class and that I couldn’t beat him, but he got overwhelmed by my power. I trained hard for that fight and that’s why it turned out to be an awesome night for me.”

Ranillo’s plan was part action and part heart, and it got the job done. He shared,

“I just told myself that if I hit him, I’d definitely finish him off, and that definitely happened. I did not gave him any chance to recover.”

The 31-year old learned a very valuable lesson from that fight,

“After that that K.O win against Remegio, I realized that listening to others who are saying you “can’t do it” will do you no good. I believed in me that night, so I got the win. I have trained even harder after beating Remegio. I am not done yet, I’ve still got a ton of work to do to improve my skills.”

The wins have earned him a ticket to compete in the PXC 155-pound Championship against Kato. Ranillo said he is good to go for the stiffest test of his career so far,

“This has been the best training camp I’ve had in my career. I know Kato is a good ground fighter and he eats sushi like me (laughs), so I guess he won’t be a problem.”

Kato is a well-rounded fighter and is tremendous on the ground and his cardio is off the roof, but Ranillo is confident that no matter what Kato throws at him, he will be the new PXC Lightweight king on November 15th,

“I’ve got no worries at all if he takes me to the ground. Let’s just see if he can submit me. I’ve been grappling for eight years now. I also know what he knows on the ground. In this fight, my advantage would be my well rounded MMA skills.”

Ranillo will be fighting for the belt in front of his home town crowd. Unlike other fighters who’ve gotten bufferflies when performing in their backyard, Ranillo’s determination is incomparable. He always bring his “A” game with him and intends to give the fans a show to remember,

“I feel no pressure for this title fight. The most important thing here is that I will surely do my best come fight night. Win or lose, I know I’ve got more opportunities ahead of me in this sport. If they say he’s tough, well, I’m tougher.”