Mark Abelardo, PXC’s newest bantamweight prospect and Team Quest sponsorship winner

PXC's Mark Abelardo
PXC’s Mark Abelardo


Mark “Tyson” Abelardo is a 22-year-old New Zealand born Filipino bantamweight fighter who signed with Pacific X-treme Combat earlier in the year. He makes his promotional debut at PXC 46 on November 15, 2014.


Abelardo is currently residing in Chiang Mai, Thailand on an MMA sponsorship with Team Quest Thailand.

“Tyson” began his mixed martial arts training in 2008 at one of New Zealand’s top MMA stables, Strikeforce Gym, alongside some of the best Kiwi fighters today,

“I started training at Strikeforce Gym when I was 17. I was under the tutelage of champion fighters such as Aaron Boyes, Kaota Puna, Rod Macswain, and Daniel Hooker who are some of the many people who have got me to where I am today.  I had always looked up to my team mates and coaches and strived to follow in their footsteps. Strikeforce was like my second home, as that what was where I’d be if I wasn’t working or at home.”

Abelardo was inspired to pursue his MMA career by his ever-supportive father, who is a 3rd degree black belt in Skadsu Karate,

“My father was my main influence on me taking up mixed martial arts. I was brought up competing in combat sports and watching a lot of martial arts films. It wasn’t until my teenage years that I decided to further my martial arts by training MMA.”

The newly signed PXC bantamweight fighter lived his whole life in Auckland, New Zealand with his Filipino parents, who never forgot the “Pinoy” ethics,

“New Zealand is a great place to live, known for its relaxed pace and lifestyle. Growing up there, we were very family-oriented and my parents followed their Filipino values.”

Abelardo is an exciting fighter with tremendous future ahead of him. He is fast, powerful, and very explosive and can finish fights both feet and on the ground. He was expected to make his PXC debut in October against Ricky Camp, but an injury to Camp scrapped the bout. Abelardo now faces Ernie Braca at PXC 46.

“I’m still overwhelmed at this opportunity to fight on the big stage at PXC. I’ve sacrificed a lot in the past few years to get to where I am today and I’m stoked that I’m finally getting my chance to show the world that I can hang with these elite fighters.”

The newest addition to Team Quest Thailand’s pool of talents decided to leave his family in Auckland for a once-in-a-lifetime MMA sponsorship deal which he thinks will definitely change his life for the better,

“Coming to Thailand and training with a new team was a very important decision at this stage of my MMA career. Back home I was only able to train once a day due to work but now I train full-time twice or more a day, six days a week with champion fighters and world-class coaches, and it has definitely improve my game immensely. I feel in the best shape of my career so far and I only continue to keep at it.”

Signing with the PXC means more hard-work to be done in the part of the 22-year-old prospect. Though he is already a competitive and improved fighter than he was before, Abelardo wants to push himself more in training as his goal is to be the champ in the future,

“I feel more than ready to face bigger competition. I’m training with the right group of people where we train to make each other better and I plan to come into my upcoming fight stronger and more conditioned than before. I look to push the pace in my fights and break my opponents. I’m hungry than ever now to win and I want this more than anyone else who stand in my way in the cage.”