PXC 46 preview: Flyweight Championship Ernesto Montilla Jr. versus Alvin Cacdac

PXC 46 preview: Flyweight Championship Ernesto Montilla Jr. versus Alvin Cacdac
PXC 46 Flyweight Championship Ernesto Montilla Jr. versus Alvin Cacdac


Explosive flyweight fighters Ernesto Montilla Jr. and Alvin Cacdac lock horns on November 15, 2014 at PXC 46 in Manila, Philippines for the vacant 125-pound title.


Montilla Jr.’s rise to stardom came when he scored a huge second round TKO win against Team Lakay’s Jerome Wanawan back in May of 2013. He tagged Wanawan with nasty shots to the chin and showed tremendous takedown defense to claim a TKO victory against the then top 125-pound contender.

He took on now UFC-signed fighter Roldan Sangcha-an next at PXC 39. Both fighters displayed amazing stand up and ground scrambles in the first round. There was no such thing as “feeling out process” between the two when they fought. Montilla Jr. unleashed numerous power shots against the fellow standout; some connected, some just hit the air.

In the second round, Sangcha-an looked way fresher compared to Montilla Jr. who looked to be gassed after a spectacular first round performance. Sangcha-an realized that Montilla Jr. was tired as he kept on dropping his hands down to his waist. At the 1:17 mark of the second frame, Sangcha-an sunk in a very deep RNC that forced Montilla Jr. to tap.

After the Sangcha-an fight, Montilla Jr. bounced back with a remarkable performance en route to a unanimous decision victory against rising prospect Jinel Lausa and first round submission win against the former flyweight champion in Ale Cali.

Montilla Jr. is facing a seasoned veteran, Alvin Cacdac, for the biggest fight of his MMA career to date.

WEC and Strikeforce veteran Alvin Cacdac is arguably the most powerful puncher in the PXC 125-pound division. He unleashes unbelievable force behind his strikes and is dangerous on the ground. He is 3-1 in the PXC and his lone loss in the “Terror Dome” came at the hands of the former Flyweight Champion and now one of the rising 125-prospects in the UFC in Hawaii’s Louis Smolka at PXC 35.

Cacdac, like Montilla Jr., is an incredible and exciting fighter as he is like a bull who only knows one direction, move and stalk his opponents even if he’s getting hit. His chin and endurance have been tested numerous times in the past and he has developed a well-rounded game that will surely be a threat to anybody in his weight division.

This is a fight between two explosive and exciting power punchers. Cacdac has the experience behind him, while confidence and youth are going to be Montilla’s keys to winning this fight.

Cacdac will likely look for an early takedown or initiate a clinch game in the opening frame to tire Montilla’s hands. Montilla on the other hand, will look to finish the fight as early as possible.  It’s really tough to call on who’s going to win this match up as both gentlemen have their own advantages and disadvantages on paper. Montilla and Cacdac can change a story of the fight in a single blow come fight night. This scrap has fireworks written all over it.