After signing Cage Fighting Championship of Australia, Takedown signs a Letter of Intent to Pacific Xtreme Combat, as written in The Smallcap Network here.  They intend to acquire its fight archives as well as future events.

Takedown Entertainment Expands Presence in Oceania Region (TKDN)
Takedown Entertainment Inc. (OTC: TKDN), a London-based sports entertainment company engaged in the acquisition, production, distribution and marketing of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) programming and products for television and digital media, has expanded its presence in the Oceania region.

On Wednesday, TKDN announced that it signed a Letter of Intent with Pacific X-treme Combat (PXC) of Guam, which is the first step in acquiring global media distribution rights to its fight archives and future MMA fights. With the signing, TKDN has solidified its position with major MMA fight promoters in the Oceania region. The company had previously signed Cage Fighting Championship of Australia.
Pacific X-treme Combat, which was established by Edward Calvo in 2004, has successfully produced 29 Pro MMA fights in the region, mainly in Guam. Pacific X-treme recently also expanded into Manila, Philippines. Due to its proximity to Asia, Pacific X-treme manages to attract a large number of fans to its live events. It attracts some of biggest names in the American and International MMA fight scene.

Takedown has been aggressively expanding its presence by signing new MMA fight promotions across the globe. TKDN is also continuing to work on the due diligence process required to close final license and distribution agreements with each of the 50+ MMA fight promoters, who have signed a LOI with the company.

TKDN has been also boosting its management team. Earlier today, the company announced the appointment of George Chung as Vice President of Distribution. Chung is a well known name in the industry and is a sought after television and production executive. He specializes in live broadcast production and digital media distribution.  At TKDN, Chung will be in charge of strategic development and implementation of the Takedown Distribution Platform for broadcasters, cable & satellite providers, and digital media channels.


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