Toby Misech seeks a new chance at bantamweight at PXC 45: “It’s a smart move for my career”

PXC's Toby Misech
PXC’s Toby Misech

Hawaiian fighter Toby “2 Quick” Misech is geared up to make his bantamweight debut next month, October 24, 2014, in Guam against Trevin Jones at PXC 45.


Misech told MMA-in-Asia earlier that he would be moving down to 135 after a not so fruitful run in the 145 pounds since he entered PXC in March of 2013,

“I’ve wanted to drop down to 135 for a while now. Lately I’ve been fighting guys way bigger and taller than me at 145 so I feel at 135, I’ll be fighting guys around my size or smaller. I think I’ll have more speed and power dropping the weight. It’s a smart move for my career.”

The Hawaiian slugger is 2-1 in the featherweight division, those couple wins were KO stoppages against Sung Hwan Cho and Yusuke Yachi which earned him the right to challenge the champion Jang Yong Kim for his title.

The Korean Top Team captain, Kim, met Misech at PXC 42 in a bout many predicted would not go the distance,

“When I fought Kim for the belt my game plan was to stick and move and use my speed against him. I started the fight on fire and taught I was picking him apart. I was way to fast for him and I was stuffing his take downs and landing multiple punches on him. What went wrong in that fight was him low blowing me three times and trying to finish me in one of the low blows and hitting me again downstairs when I was down.”

“After that I just lost my cool and my head wasn’t in there. I lost focused and started getting careless that lead me to get caught with a punch then the take down where the submission came. And I also broke my hand in the first round so you can say there were a lot of problems on that fight and leading up to that fight. That’s one fight that would go back up to 145 for a rematch.”

“I’ll fit right in the top 135 pounders.”


After facing bigger guys in the featherweight division, and not being able to dethrone Kim at PXC 42, Misech went back to the drawing board, took some time off, and started thinking about moving down to the 135, which he thinks will be a much better weight class for him,

“This will be my first fight at 135. I was scheduled to make my bantamweight debut on July 12 here in Hawaii but my opponent pulled out the week of the fight. I was almost on weight and felt great all through training camp. The weight was actually coming off way faster than it would when I cut to 145. Everything just felt way better and I was performing at my best in the gym training at a lighter weight getting ready for a 135 fight. So I think I can be a problem for the division and I’ll fit right in the top 135 pounders.  I’ve never had a struggle making weight in my career and I’ve never missed getting on weight in all my fights.”

Misech will be welcomed by one of the most durable bantamweights in the PXC today in Trevin Jones.

If there is one fighter in the PXC bantamweight division who – despite of having a hard time hunting for some consistency inside the “Terror Dome”, is still willing to give all he’s got to get to the top, that would be Jones. Misech knows Jones is a dominant wrestler and a hard worker,

“Jones is a tough opponent. He comes to fight and he mixes it up. He grinds down his opponents with take downs. I see this fight playing out with him pushing to get the fight to the ground and me trying to keep the fight standing looking for a KO. But who knows, I might just switch it up and take him down and show my ground and pound skills. But all in all I just see this fight being an exciting war fight.”

Like many other fighters in the business today, Misech’s highest goal is to fight in the UFC in years to come, but first, he needs to show and prove that he deserves a contract in the world’s largest MMA promotion by getting several impressive finishes and become a PXC title holder,

“This is a very important fight in my career. I’m coming off a loss and it never looks good losing 2 in a row. I can’t afford anymore losses if I want to make it to the UFC. And I want to make a statement in my bantamweight debut. So winning this fight is very important.”

Three of Misech’s four career wins are by way of KO and a TKO. It shows how powerful of a fighter he is and a sure threat to anybody in the bantamweight division.

“I’m hungry and I’m coming hard so may the best man win.”


There is no doubt that the Hawaiian will have the speed advantage against Jones, but will he still carry that power he had when he was a featherweight?  Misech positively answered,

“My biggest advantage over Jones I think will be my speed and striking. I’ll be a lot quicker dropping the weight. And yes, I believe I’ll still have the punching power. Maybe even more punching power at 135.”

Misech battles Jones in the latter’s home town island of Guam. There will be ton of fans who will be cheering Jones come fight night, but Misech doesn’t care much about who cheers for who, all he care about is the task at hand, which is to get the win and climb up to the rankings,

“Fighting in Jones’ home town won’t really affect my performance. I’ve learned how to shut that out and keep my focus. And to me, it doesn’t mater where or whose home town I’m fighting in because the cage is my home and when we’re locked in the cage, I feel right at home. That’s how I look at it and deal with fighting in a hostile territory.”

Misech will make his second fight this year after losing to Kim in February. His goal is to get in as many fights as he can. In fact, no matter what the outcome is for his PXC 45 fight versus Jones, he told us that he is already set to fight again on November 14th in Hawaii. He aims to build up his wins so he can start 2015 with momentum,

“After this fight I am already booked to fight again in my home town on November 14 in BJ Penn’s Just Scrap. So let’s keep it going.”

When asked if he has any message to Jones, Misech is shows his good sportsmanship,

“Let’s put on a show for the fans and the sport. I’m hungry and I’m coming hard so may the best man win. Good luck to you and have a safe training camp.”