Ham Seo Hee wins RIZIN debut, calls out Miyuu Yamamoto

Ham Seo Hee wasted no time calling out Miyuu Yamamoto. Photo: RIZIN FF.

Ham Seo Hee made a big statement in her RIZIN debut on Sunday, with a blistering first round TKO over DEEP Jewels champion Tomo Maesawa.

The ROAD FC atomweight champion wasted no time getting things underway. She came out strong, backed Maesawa into a corner and landed knee after knee until referee Jason Herzon stepped in and literally tossed Ham halfway across the ring.

The finish came at 3:14 of round one.

In her post-fight interview Ham (21-8) said she was eyeing RIZIN’s atomweight title, but first called for a fight against Miyuu Yamamoto.

Ham landed knee after knee until referee Jason Herzon stepped in.

Yamamoto (5-3) is coming off a huge decision win over Kanna Asakura at RIZIN 16, out-classing Asakura with her wrestling on the way to a dominant unanimous decision win.

With RIZIN bringing Yamamoto into the ring for a photo with Ham, an official booking is likely in the wings.


  1. With her dominant victory over Tomo, Seo Hee would have been well justified in calling out for a title fight against Ayaka. Does anyone know why she called out Miyuu instead?


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