RIZIN 12 highs & lows: Gustavo proves a phenom, Asakura takes the torch

RIZIN 12 Luiz Gustavo KOs Yusuke Yachi
RIZIN 12 Luiz Gustavo KOs Yusuke Yachi

RIZIN 12 was a night of beautiful highs and crushing defeats for the crowd in Nagoya, Japan on 12 August 2018.

Luiz Gustavo came in on short notice against Yusuke Yachi, and he did not waste the opportunity. The young phenom finisher, with Wanderlei Silva in his corner, chased Yachi around with punches in bunches through the first and second rounds. Gustavo landed a right that cut open Yachi’s brow that call for the doctor to check. After Yachi was released back in the ring, Gustavo came in with the exact same combo that caught the retreating Yachi on the same place, sending him face down for the KO.

RIZIN 12 Yuki Motoya chokes Kazuma Sone
RIZIN 12 Yuki Motoya chokes Kazuma Sone

Yuki Motoya kept a cool head against Kazuma Sone, even when he was dropped by multiple double legs. Motoya tried for numerous guillotines without success, then finally in the second round, he shot and scrambled to the back of Sone, and that was the end by rear naked choke.

RIZIN 12 Kiichi Kunimoto chokes Ryuichiro Sumimura
RIZIN 12 Kiichi Kunimoto chokes Ryuichiro Sumimura

In a definitive wrestler versus striker affair, Kiichi Kunimoto put his money where his mouth was and made Ryuichiro Sumimura grapple for it. Kunimoto immediately shot, got the takedown, and worked for an entire round to get the tap to an arm triangle in the final second of the first round.

Kaitlin Young took Reina Miura into the final round with head kicks and punches. Miura was able to nail some overhands, good throws and hooked takedowns, but Young reversed them or negated any opportunities Miura took on the ground. Young made a four year comeback with a unanimous decision victory.

RIZIN 12 Asakura Mikuru kicks Hatsu Hioki
RIZIN 12 Asakura Mikuru kicks Hatsu Hioki

It was talked about as another “passing of the torch” match with veteran Hatsu Hioki facing upstart Asakura Mikuru. When it started, it didn’t look like it might come true. Hioki was happy to stand and trade with the karate kid, and looked for level change shoot opportunities. Asakura saw it and fired off a head kick that dropped Hioki in the first and made the prophesy come true.

RIZIN 12 Roque Martinez punches Kiyoshi Kuwabara
RIZIN 12 Roque Martinez punches Kiyoshi Kuwabara

Roque Martinez and Kiyoshi Kuwabara opened up their heavyweight match by opening up each other’s faces. After a solid minute of dropping bombs, Kuwabara began to slow, and Martinez kept up with punch after punch over the top until the referee had to stop it. Martinez earned his second finish inside the RIZIN ring.

RIZIN 12 Kanako Murata punches Angela Magana
RIZIN 12 Kanako Murata punches Angela Magana

Kanako Murata kept to her wrestling game plan and didn’t let Angela Magana trade on the feet. In the second round, Murata faked with a striking assault, but shot for the double leg and Magana tried to grab a guillotine to save herself. Crafty Murata was able to keep the head and arm and work the position to get Magana to tap to a Von Flue choke.

Kickboxing matches

Syuto Sato came out with nice distancing kicks, but Takiya Shota warmed up and changed the tide in the second round. A third round saw Shota dominating in the exchanges and he rightfully earned a decision, but had almost finished Sato.

Takahiro Okuyama waited for his moment to get a massive knockdown of Shintaro Matsukura in the second round. The referee let him back up, but that was it – Okuyama swiftly dropped him for the KO win.

Ryuki delivered power kicks and technical combinations to pick apart Naoya for the decision win. It was a beautiful performance from both champions.

Taiki Naito and Hannya Hashimoto talked tough leading up to their match, but it was Naito who proved it. Hashimoto was tough, for sure, and got a knock down in the first, but Naito destroyed his legs with kicks in the second, forcing the stoppage after he’d sent Hashimoto to the canvas with three separate kicks.

RIZIN 12 results
12 August 2018
Nagoya, Japan

#12 Lightweight
Luiz Gustavo def Yusuke Yachi by KO, R2

#11 Bantamweight
Yuki Motoya def Kazuma Sone by Submission, RNC, R2

#10 Welterweight
Kiichi Kunimoto def Ryuichiro Sumimura by Submission, arm triangle, R1

#9 Women’s Featherweight
Kaitlin Young def Reina Miura by Unanimous Decision

#8 Kickboxing 130 lbs
Taiki Naito def Hannya Hashimoto by TKO, R2

#7 Featherweight
Mikuru Asakura def Hatsu Hioki by TKO, R1

#6 Heavyweight
Roque Martinez def Kiyoshi Kuwabara by TKO, R1

#5 Kickboxing 143 lbs
Kaito Ono def Sho Ogawa by Unanimous Decision

#4 Women’s Strawweight
Kanako Murata def Angela Magana by Submission, von flue choke, R2

#3 Kickboxing 130 lbs
Ryuki def Naoya by Unanimous Decision

#2 Kickboxing 154 lbs
Takahiro Okuyama def Shintaro Matsukura by KO, R2

#1 Kickboxing 117 lbs
Takiya Shota def Syuto Sato by Unanimous Decision


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