URCC 24 card updates: 2 titles on the line, Eric Kelly vs Lu JianBo



Universal Reality Combat Championship will hold its next event “Uprising” on November 30, 2014. Headlining the event is a Heavyweight Championship contest between Igor Subora and Marcus Valda, and Featherweight Champ Ricardo Sapno takes on Red Romero again. The most recent announcement features Filipino striking phenom Eric Kelly returning to ring action against China sanda champ Lu JianBo.

Current URCC Heavyweight Champion Igor Subora takes on former champion Marcus Valda, a 2-time SEA Games Wrestling Gold Medallist who vacated the Heavyweight title to focus on wrestling. Considering Subora’s penchant for duplexes and Valda’s vast time inside the red dot, this fight will be a fun focus of strength, speed, and probably blood. And it’s important for Asian rankings because the weight class is vastly underrepresented.

Ricardo Sapno was crowned the URCC Featherweight Champion at 2011’s Bacolod Brawl when he met Reydon Romero in a mighty 10-minute first round battle that saw both fighters working to exhaustion. In the second, Sapno rocked Romero’s mouthpiece right out, yet Red surged forward and returned the favor. But the ref stopped the action to replace the gum shield and Romero crumpled, unable to return to action, and Sapno got the gold. Fast forward 2 years and they will go at it again. Sapno is since undefeated, and Romero has a 50/50 mixed bag. But that doesn’t mean that one punch can’t end it all, and that’s exactly how both of these men fight.

Eric Kelly is no stranger to MMA fans in Asia, as he’s put on some of the most exciting striking matches across many vistas. He’s back in the ring in the Philippines at URCC to take on another striker in sanda champion Lu JianBo. While Lu himself is not widely known outside of China, he’s got a wealth of experience inside his own country having been a provincial champion in sanda 3 years running, then getting his training at the well-known camp of Xi’An Sports University. His correct record is not publicly accounted for, but it is upwards of 15 fights with an 80% win rate.


URCC 24 “Uprising”
November 30, 2013
SMX Convention Center
Manila, Philippines

Heavyweight Championship
Igor Subora (4-1) (Sprawl) versus Marcus Valda (1-0) (DEFTAC)

Featherweight Championship
Ricardo Sapno (6-1) (BeeFit) versus Reydon Romero (6-4) (DEFTAC)

Featherweight Superfight
Eric Kelly (9-1) (MuayFit) versus Lu JianBo (13-2) (Xi’An Sports)

Adrian Hillana (1-1) (Submission Sports) versus Ali Khatibi (1-0) (DEFTAC)


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