URCC 25 updates: “Bad Boy” Baduria and Ramirez Return



Universal Reality Combat Championship (URCC) has announced the first two fighters on the upcoming card. Former URCC Light Heavyweight Champion Caloy “Bad Boy” Baduria and pinweight Alvin Ramirez will return to action at URCC 25.

The two remarkable Filipino fighters on the URCC roster hail from different ends of the spectrum. Baduria, a light heavyweight heavy puncher and the former champ is acknowledged as one of the most powerful sluggers in the region today. He has notable wins over Frank Camacho, Philip Yeung, Remand Lazaro, and Panchito Estrada. Baduria is a very aggressive fighter who always throws his punches with bad intentions.

“Flashy” is the best word to best describe Alvin Ramirez as a fighter. As one of the most technical Pinweight fighters in the URCC today, he is known for being explosive both on his feet and on the ground. Ramirez is the only guy in the URCC who made it to the last round standing and trading blows against the current URCC Pinweight Champion Rey “The Punisher” Docyogen.

Though the date and venue of URCC 25 have not been announced, nor have Baduria’s and Ramirez’s next opponents, one thing is certain: fans can expect at least two fast and exciting fights on the next URCC card.