BATTLE OF MULINSEN: Jumabieke headlines China MMA



News of another MMA event this weekend creeps over China’s great firewall as “The Battle of Mulinsen” is set to take place in the city of Xiamen. The much-conversed about Jumabieke Tuerxun, who was signed by the UFC then disappeared from the roster amid Legend FC contractural rumors, is listed as being matched against a french fighter named Murad, however the line up differs from what the fight cards show.

Tickets can be purchased online at the Daimai website for the event, so it’s organized and a go.

Battle of Mulinsen 1 – 木林森之战 2013
October 19, 2013
Xiamen, China

K—1男子70kg 中马 – K-1 rules
刘海南 VS 萨维德鹏

K—1 女子60kg 中马
史力江 VS 唐佩嫔

MMA男子65kg 中泰
Liu JianBo 逯建波 VS 界颂·辛玛漠

MMA男子60kg 中美
Teng LiGe 腾力格 VS Christopher Tartari 克里斯多夫

MMA男子60kg 中泰
Zheng Junfeng 郑军峰 VS 神鳄·刹名鳄

MMA男子80kg 中伊
青格尔 VS Barbod 巴博尔

MMA男子65kg 中法
Jumabieke Tuerxun 居马别克 VS Murad 穆拉德

K—1男子75kg 中泰
敖特根巴特尔 VS 阿听·韩胜呐






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