Glory of Heroes bucks the trend: kickbox stars Wei Rui and Tie Yinghua to MMA

Wei Rui
Glory of Heroes kickboxing champion Wei Rui, from Baidu

Glory of Heroes 35 is going to take place on 12 October live from Meishan, Sichuan, China. Founder Guo Chendong, a long time supporter of the development of Chinese kickboxing, is going to let loose two of China’s stand out kickboxers into MMA rules bouts.

World top ten-ranked bantamweight kickboxer Wei Rui (52-3, 21 knockouts) holds belts in the original Wu Lin Feng, K-1 and Glory of Heroes. After losing his K-1 belt at K’FESTA in March, Wei went on a three-fight win streak at home. With his commendations from many kickboxing outlets, he’s gained world recognition.

Now CEO Guo is going to buck the trend of kickboxing taking the main stage, and he’s putting one of his top guys in the ring with ground rules attached. To transition into MMA, Wei has been training with China’s stellar grappler Cui Liucai.

wei rui cui liucai
Wei Rui trains with Cui Liucai, from Baidu

Wei Rui’s opponent will be Maxim Rzheuski (0-2, Belarus) who the promotion describes as having excellent stand up technique, flexible grappling, speed, and aggression. He’s 24 years old, 175cm high, and fought amateur MMA prior to becoming a pro. One Russian site has his record at 2-2-1. As there’s not much tape to go by, it’s hard to predict anything other than the obvious – all Wei needs to do is keep it standing and he’s already quite good at that.

Tie Yinghua (46-8, 12 knockouts, Dadongxian Fight Club) is a two-time tournament winner in WLF and GOH with a background in Muay Thai and kickboxing. His opponent is said to be Igor Chemyakin (5-1, Belarus).

Tie Yinghua
Tie Yinghua executes a head kick on his opponent, from Baidu

After these matches were announced, boxer Bai Shanbo called out CEO Guo to match both Wei Rui and other MMA-transitioning kickboxers against him, to prove the “real power of Chinese boxing”. Who says McGregor’s got the best game in town?

Former Legend FC bantamweight champion Ji Xian, China’s women’s flyweight leader Meng Bo, and standout grappler Yang Sen will also be on the card.

Glory of Heroes 35 will be live streaming on 12 October via China IQYI.

Glory of Heroes 35
12 October 2018
Sichuan, China

Wei Rui vs Maxim Rzheuski

Tie Yinghua vs Igor Chemyakin (unverified)

Ji Xian

Shun Feng

Yang Sen

Women’s Flyweight
Meng Bo


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