KUNLUN FIGHT 11 recap and photo albums

Kunlun Fight 11 Yang Jian-Ping vs Kim Yi-Sak
Kunlun Fight 11 Yang Jian-Ping vs Kim Yi-Sak

China’s Kunlun Fight staged it’s eleventh monthly event in Macau on October 5, 2014. Two MMA fights were sprinkled into the predominantly stand up promotion.


Promotion superboy and TUF finalist Yang Jianping took up a grudge match with Kim Yi-Sak for his previous armlock and break of Xibo Yan. Kim came out sting, but as time wore on, Yang delivered more and more punishment. Yang nailed takedown after takedown and out punched his lesser-experienced opponent for three rounds. And while he didn’t get the finish, this decision by the judges was most obviously earned in his favor.

Asian-based fighters Anthony Christodoulou and Eric Urasek met at featherweight in a largely uneventful affair. Sporadic punching, clinching, and marginal takedown attempts also made it hard for the judges to call, but they gave it to Christodoulou. The ref thought it was hard to call too, and raised Urasek’s hand first. If Kunlun had employed an MMA referee, doubtless the action would have been directed in a more exciting manner for the fans.


Kunlun Fight 11
October 5, 2015
Macau Forum
Macau, China

Yang Jianping defeats Kim YiSak by UD

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Tony Christodoulou defeats Eric Urasek by UD

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