Kunlun Fight holds its first full MMA cage event in Nanjing, China on January 18th

Kunlun Fight 17
Kunlun Fight 17

Kunlun Fight 17 takes place in Nanjing, China on January 17 and 18, 2015. On the second day of the predominantly kickboxing event, Kunlun will hold an all-MMA event.


Kunlun will unveil its new cage for the event, which will air on Jiangsu TV across China. An internet stream is being planned and Asia MMA will update with the information once its released.

Ten matches have been announced for the event. While not many of the fighters will be household names, Kunlun holds monthly shows which gives Chinese fighters and growing Asia-based fighters plenty of opportunities to develop. A few of the promotion’s kick boxers make the transition to MMA on the cards. Well-known Yang Jianping, probably China’s most recognizable MMA figure, is the main staple of the promotion.

Kunlun’s kickboxing and Muay Thai tournaments are gaining the attention of the international community as well. On the first day of the Nanjing event, 16 fighters all under the age of 23 years old will be featured as rising stars.

At the top of the MMA card on the 18th, M-1 veteran Kazbek Tigurov will face Kunlun’s Musa Conteh. Al Batal veteran Yousef Wehbe will meet Hatisi Tuerxunbieke.

A match of two Kunlun veterans sees Askar Umbetov try to rebound from a loss to Kazuyuki Miyata when he takes on undefeated Emilio Urrutia. Malaysian MMA staple Mohammad Fouzein will take on Wu Tieying who is still searching for his first win.

New Zealand stand out Kai Kara-France will face Xi’An Sports University’s Jumayi Ayideng. The three opening fights feature all Chinese athletes.

Kunlun Fight will be hosting an event in Guangzhou, China on February 1, 2015. Heavyweight standout Siala-Mou “Mighty Mo” Siliga has been signed by the promotion to compete on the card, but it is not known if he will be in a kickboxing or MMA match.


Kunlun Fight 18
January 18, 2015
Wutaishan Unionpay Gym
Nanjing, China

#10 – Middleweight
Kazbek Tilgurov 卡兹别克. 特利古洛夫
Musa Conteh 穆萨.康特 (USA-美国)

#9 – Lightweight
Youssef Wehbe 约瑟夫.韦伯 (LIB-黎巴嫩)
Habiti Tuerxunbieke 哈比提. 吐尔逊别克 (CHN-中国)

#8 – Featherweight
Askar Umbetov 阿斯卡. 尤姆比托夫 (KAZ-哈萨克斯坦)
Emilio Urrutia 伊米利欧. 乌拉蒂亚 (USA-美国)

#7 – Bantamweight
Mohammad Fouzein 穆罕默德.弗兹恩 (MAS-马来西亚)
Wu Tieyin 吴铁印 (CHN-中国)

#6 – Bantamweight
Kai Kara-France 弗兰西 (NZL-新西兰)
Jumayi Ayideng 阿依登 (CHN-中国)

#5 – 75 kg Catchweight
Sun Ruochao 孙若超 (CHN-中国)
Xu Yonghao 徐永昊 (CHN-中国)

#4 – Featherweight
Shan Yanbin 单艳斌 (CHN-中国)
Ayijiake Akenbieke 阿依加克. 阿肯别克 (CHN-中国)

#3 – Featherweight
Nuertiebieke 努尔铁别克 (CHN-中国)
Alateng Burigede 阿拉腾. 布日格德 (CHN-中国)

#2 – Bantamweight
He Haoyang 何浩仰 (TPE-中华台北)
Liu Jun 刘军 (CHN-中国)

#1 – Bantamweight
Du Man 杜满 (CHN-中国)
Li Muha 李姆哈 (CHN-中国)


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