Legend FC flips the script in relaunch, features China’s hottest prospects

Legend FC 12 Tian Xi defeats He Nannan.

With Legend FC 12, the promotion flipped the script to feature some of China’s young hot prospects competing in a cage in Guangzhou, China on 15 September.

On Legend’s relaunch, there were two single night 4-man tournaments and four main card matches showcasing students from the “superstar” generation, such as Zhang Tiequan (the new Legend commentator), Ning Guangyou, Alex Niu, and Yao Honggang. Former TUF China coach Cung Le was on hand to award the winners, as well as “King of Sanda” Zhao Zilong.

Wizened wrestler He Nannan and Chongqing standout Tian Xi made a cautious approach in the first minute of their opening round, but when He got tagged hard, he went for his wrestling and put Tian on his butt. However, He couldn’t keep Tian there; Tian got up forced He to back pedal. In the second, Tian had his distance perfect, and tagged He almost at will.

In the final round, Tian tried to bait the obviously wary He into getting in the pocket, but all He did was a ferocious shoot that got Tian sat down against the cage and smothered. It wasn’t enough though, and Tian earned the unanimous decision victory.

Cung Le in the commentary box with Zhang Tiequan.

Enbo’s Yi Zha said he wanted to make it a stand up battle with Jiang Longyun’s grappling prodigy Yuan Chunbo and he almost got what he asked for, and his senior landed some nice combos. Yi was able to use a smart wrestling game for a few moments when it hit the canvas, but Yuan sat back for the ankle lock and he had to tap.

CTT’s Du Lile and former teammate “Little Monk” Liu Lianjie delivered a bout of seesaw action. In the first, Du caught a knee and kept Liu on the canvas, then Liu finished strong with a knockdown and big kick. Then in round two, Liu displayed his experience and fancy kicks, negating Du’s striking and wrestling with excellent defense. Both fighters dug deep in the final round, but once Du was able to get the fight to the canvas, he controlled the action but it wasn’t enough and Liu won the split decision.

Relative unknown Up Team representative Zhong Qingna showed off a well-rounded set of techniques against FBK’s Zhao Wenwen, by punching into the clinch, working great wrestling for a takedown, and quickly positioning to mount to get the finish by pounding.

Legend FC 12 Li Siyi
Li Siyi wins the 61 kg Tournament at Legend FC 12

61 kg Tournament

In the first of the 61 kg tournament matches, Chen Jie displayed aggression to counter his reach disadvantage against Wang Bingying, and was able to put his opponent on the ground from a flying knee attempt. Chen landed 2 spinning back kicks in the second and a walloping kick and punches combination that earned him the stoppage while Wang was still standing.

In the second 61 kg tournament match, Li Siyi and Luo Qing came at each other with a vengeance, Li throwing angry punches and Luo mixing in kicks. Li caught a kick in the opening of the second round, put Luo on his back, and rained down punches. Luo was able to recover guard at the end of the round, but it wasn’t enough and the decision went to Li.

In the reserve match, Wei Chunjin landed several takedowns in the first round and ended up with a guillotine around Zhang Youliang’s neck. Zhang was able to keep it standing in the second and land kicks, but Wei mounted a stronger offensive and earned the decision.

In the finals, Chen Jie swarmed Li Siyi with punches. Li was forced to defend himself and launched a volley back that dazed Chen and eventually put him flat to sleep on his back by punches from mount.

Legend 12 Chen Zhikang
Chen Zhikang wins the 80 kg Tournament at Legend FC 12

80 kg Tournament

In the first match of the 80 kg Tournament, there was a brief foray in the clinch, then Chen Zhikang executed a head and arm throw to Chen Zijun, mounted him and threw down massive pounding for the referee waive off in the first round.

In the second 80 kg tournament semifinal, Yu Jianhong and Zhang Guangqi traded crisp shots in the opening round, with Yu racking up the points with a knock down and keeping Zhang on the canvas with punches. Zhang came on with power shots in the second that started beating through Yu’s good offense, then Yu landed a spinning backfist that wobbled Zhang. Yu walked away with a one-sided decision win and advanced.

In the reserve match, Chang Juncheng planted a right hook to the ear of Yang Janwang quickly in the first round for the knockdown in just over 30 seconds.

In the finals, Chen Zhikang and Yu Jianhong engaged with lots of kicks and traded knees in the clinch. Chen came out of nowhere with a high kick and stumbled Yu to the ground where he finished him off with punches to become the tournament winner.

Legend FC 12
15 September 2018
Tinhe Arena
Guangzhou, China

Main Event
Tian Xi田袭 (Chongqing GFT Fight Club)
He Nannan 贺楠楠 (ET Fight Club)
by Unanimous Decision

61 kg Tournament Final
Li Siyi def Chen Jie by TKO, R1 0:34

80 kg Tournament Final
Chen Zhikang def Yu Jianhong by TKO, R1

68 kg Match
Yuan Chunbo 袁春波 (Harbin Long Yun Fight Club)
Yi Zha 益扎 (Enbo Fight Club)
by Submission, heel lock, R1 2:43

66 kg Match
Du Lile 都力勒 (CTT)
Liu Lianjie刘连杰 (Beijing Ju Niu Fight Club)
by Split Decision

70 kg Match
Zhong Qingna 钟庆亚 (Up Team Fight Club)
Zhao Wenwen 赵稳稳 (Chongqing FBK Fight Club)
by TKO, R1 1:40

61 kg 4-man Tournament B
Li Siyi 李思义 (Beijing Ning Guangyou Fight Club)
Luo Qing 罗青 (Dragon Warrior Shanghai)
by Majority Decision

61 kg 4-man Tournament A
Chen Jie陈杰 (Chongqing GFT Fight Club)
Wang Bingyin王炳印 (Fighting Brothers)
by TKO, R2 2:57

61 kg 4-man Tournament Reserve
Wei Chenjin魏成金 (Jin San Jia Fight Club)
Zhang Youliang 张友良 (Wuyi Fight Club)
by Unanimous Decision.

80kg 4-man Tournament B
Yu Jianhong余建洪 (Foshan Hongfei Fight Club)
Zhang Guangqi 张光启 (Zheng Hao Fight Club)
by Unanimous Decision

80kg 4-man Tournament A
Chen Zhikang 陈志康 (Zhongda Fight Club)
Chen Zijun 陈子郡 (Sheng Li Ren He Fight Club)
by TKO, R1 2:51

80 kg 4-man Tournament Reserve
Chang Juncheng常俊诚 (Chongqing FBK Fight Club)
Yang Zhanwang 杨展望 (Zhongda Fight Club)
by TKO, R1 0:32


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