Chinese Muay Thai gets a taste of MMA, Taiwan gets its groove back, Legend FC 10 additions, RUFF ponderings, and Ao HaiLin’s new Beijing Gym.


Sometimes the smallest pebbles dropped into a sea can cause ripples that reach far and wide.  Triquest MMA Hong Kong’s Coach Thomas Fan, the HKCMMA Association President and Founding Member, has been making forays into South China gyms to introduce MMA.  This past weekend, assisted by Mark Houghton, he took a group of students to Foshan’s Fo Men Wu Guan, where they practice traditional Chinese kung fu, sanda, and Muay Thai.  It is an extremely delicate effort, as traditional schools in China think of visiting schools as challengers, not ambassadors.  After a bit of enthusiastic pummeling by the Foshan boys, Coach Thomas and the students gave a short introduction on MMA takedowns, the differences in Thai versus MMA clinches, establishing position on the ground, and basic submissions.

Thomas explained to them that with the explosion of MMA in Asia, and the opportunities growing in China such as Legend FC (of which he is Head Referee), RUFF, and the many MMA competitions springing up, expanding their fighting skills will give them greater opportunities for success.  China has a throwing art, Shuai Jiao, and is well-conditioned in Judo, however ground fighting is still seen as somewhat demeaning and dishonorable.  The more they are exposed to it, hopefully the less these conditioned beliefs will be retained.  A very big thanks to Thomas Fan for tirelessly promoting the sport of MMA even in the smallest of corners.


Pacific Rim Organized Fighting hosted its seventh event in Taipei on Sunday, and not much news is coming from them except for the results.  Most likely everyone is dealing with a massive hangover and Monday blues.  The promotion showcased some local talent and brought in guys from across Asia including Phuket Top Team and a few mainstays from South Korea.  When the videos begin to surface, we hope to pass them along.


For the tenth event in Hong Kong on August 24th, Shooto Rookie 2011 Tournament Champion Yusuke Kasuya is back to avenge a stunning reversal of fortunes, losing to Rob Hill at Legend FC 8.  He will take on the newly-signed Jaques Martsers from New Zealand.  Yusuke is hungry for a name outside of Japan.  So is Marsters.  With two brutal heavy-handers, this should be an exciting match up that doesn’t go the distance.


The promotion should be announcing its fifth event soon, and with the 1 million RMB getting closer and closer, the competition will ramp up even higher.  So far all we know for this card is that the headliner will be newly-signed Wu HaoTian, who’s fought in every major Chinese promotion, against Rodrigo Caporal, who is blazing his name on Chinese MMA fans’ memories.  Caporal’s camp in Hong Kong is getting tougher by the day, with JAB head honcho and previously pro-rugby star Andrew Wong Kee signed to fight his first pro MMA match in the US in September.

RUFF does give us one terrific update though, and that’s information on Coach Ao HaiLin’s new gym in Beijing:

Founded in 2009 by Chinese mixed martial arts (MMA) legend Ao HaiLin, Beijing’s Ao HaiLin MMA Club has become one of China’s premiere MMA teams, training a number of athletes currently at the forefront of MMA in China, as well as a fresh crop of young, new talent.  Having recently relocated to its new home, the 2,000-square-meter Yun Hai Chao MMA Fitness Club, the Ao HaiLin team hopes that this improved facility, combined with its veteran coaching staff, will help lead their fighters to greater athletic heights, perhaps even a victory at RUFF’s 2013 RMB 1,000,000 Super Fight.  A native of Inner Mongolia, Ao HaiLin first burst onto the China MMA radar in 2005 as a member of the Art of War promotion, where he continued to compete until 2009. Ao finished his MMA career with an undefeated 8-0 record, before making the transition to coaching.




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