ROAD FC finalizes 8-Man Openweight Tournament for Inaugural Event in China

ROAD FC 27 in China
ROAD FC 27 in China – Photo Courtesy of ROAD FC

ROAD FC 27 will be the first card ever to be promoted by the Korean company in China on December 26th of this year. They have decided to put together an eight-man openweight tourney that includes some massive individuals such as “Mighty Mo”, Choi Mu-Bae and of course the biggest of them all Choi Hong-Man.

On November 18th, ROAD FC held a press conference to announce a partnership between Chinese corporations Tencent, Qihoo360, Baidu, Xiaomi and Korean company Kakao. They are calling this collaboration “New Wave MMA:ROAD FC”. The purpose for this is to aggressively take over the Asian market and then the world.

On the same platform, the Korean promotion finalized the rest of the 8-man openweight tournament.

The matches that were added include Myung Hyun-Man (2-1) taking on Chinese newcomer Liang Lingyu (1-0) and the Korean giant Choi Hong-Man (2-4) versus 19 year-old debutant Louquanahou (0-0).

Myung was originally scheduled to fight “Mighty Mo” on this card before the tourney was made public. The brass figured a rematch between “Mighty Mo” (7-5) and Choi Mu-Bae (12-5) would serve as a better main event since it can be publicized as a revenge match for Choi, who was knocked unconscious by the Samoan at ROAD FC 26.

Now, Myung will be fighting a much younger and taller adversary in the first stage of the brackets in Lingyu.

ROAD FC FIghter Choi Hong-Man
ROAD FC Fighter Choi Hong-Man – Photo Courtesy of ROAD FC

As for Choi Hong-Man, he is coming off a knockout loss to Carlos Toyota at ROAD FC 24 in Japan. Before that loss, he was out of competition for almost six years and it showed that night.

Recently, Choi has been in trouble with the law with a warrant for his arrest issued due to unpaid debts.

On November 13th, he held a press conference and bowed in forgiveness to the Korean press in attendance and the cameras. Choi stood up and stated in front of the media “I am very sorry for my actions and this will never happen again. I want to focus on my training and that is it. Again, I apologize for my actions” (all quotes are rough translations).

The “Techno Goliath” is entering this tournament with a lot on his plate. It will be very intriguing to see how he bounces back from getting KO’d and being persecuted by the media.

ROAD FC fighters Aorigele and Kim Jae-Hun
ROAD FC fighters Aorigele and Kim Jae-Hun – Photo Courtesy fo ROAD FC

And there is one more fight that got a great deal more hype after they squared up for a stare down at the aforementioned press conference in China.

When Chinese mammoth Aorigele (1-0) stood up and called out Kim Jae-Hun (0-1), the Korean took off his shirt and rushed towards him. They started a shoving match and had to have multiple individuals including other fighters to get in between them to break them apart. Both fighters seem to really hate each other and that can sell a few more tickets.

ROAD FC 27 in China
December 26th, 2015
Shanghai Oriental Sports Center
Shanghai, China

Openweight Tournament Quarterfinal Match (+120kg/+265lbs)
“Mighty Mo” Siala Siliga (USA) vs Choi Mu-Bae (South Korea)

Openweight Tournament Quarterfinal Match (+120kg/+265lbs)
Aorigele (China) vs. Kim Jae-Hun (South Korea)

Openweight Tournament Quarterfinal Match (+120kg/+265lbs)
Myung Hyun-Man (South Korea) vs Liang Lingyu (China)

Openweight Tournament Quarterfinal Match (+120kg/+265lbs)
Choi Hong-Man (South Korea) vs Louquanahou (China)

Lightweight Match (-70kg/-155lbs)
Lipeng Zhang (China) vs Hong Young-Ki (South Korea)

Light Heavyweight Match (-93kg/-205lbs)
Zhao Zilong (China) vs “Minowa Man” Ikuhisa Minowa (Japan)

Lightweight Match (-70kg/-155lbs)
Bao Yincang (China) vs. M. Nandin-Erdene (Mongolia)

Women’s Strawweight Match (-52kg/-115lbs)
Yan Xiaonan (China) vs. Nam Ye-Hyun (South Korea)