RUFF 10 live in Shanghai Saturday night



RUFF 8 saw the inaugural belting of five nationally sanctioned champions, and now the tenth event sees RUFF break into the biggest city yet – Shanghai. On August 24, 2013, RUFF sets the stage for its next series of events with an even broader spectrum of Chinese and China-based athletes.

Featherweight Champion Wang Guan, one of the most dominant Chinese MMA fighters and as of yet still undefeated, will rematch RUFF mainstay Sandro Da Silva, a BJJ black belt and capoeira master. The two previously met a little over a year ago at RUFF 4 where da Silva became one of the few to take Wang all of three rounds. In the Million Yuan Tournament, Wang since went on to claim the China National Champion inaugural belt., whereas da Silva suffered a shocking submission at the hands of a much less experienced grappler, which pushed him out of the tournament. He came back with a vengeance against Wang Qishan to get a submission of his own – by punches, and he’s been training with high-level Muay Thai trainers and BJJ partners at Epic MMA in Hong Kong to prepare for this rematch. Wang Guan has stayed with Xi’An Sports University and continued to upgrade himself as well. Though it’s a non-title bout, both guys will have a lot to prove.

Rodrigo Caporal, the Lightweight Champion, has smashed every opponent in RUFF, and has led his Hong Kong-based team to accolades throughout the BJJ circuit alongside his ring wins. He will face a tough wrestler from Dagestan, Rasul Khairulaev, who trains and fights in China. Caporal’s beastly strength and technique will go head-to-head with the Russian’s aggressive power – this will definitely be a war.

The third and final fight of the champions includes Flyweight Champion Zhang Meixuan who will welcome Zhao YaFei into the RUFF cage. Zhang was a fierce and entertaining fighter all the way up to his Million Yuan win. Zhao is just 20 years old but has already faced stiff competition; he’s forever known as the guy who gave Jens Pulver the groin shot of his life at One FC 6. His first opportunity in RUFF against a champion will be yet another big test for him.

Other notables on the card include Wu HaoTian and Amu Rijirigala. RUFF will stream live and all of the information on which China portals that are streaming it can be found at the RUFF broadcast page here.

August 24, 2013
Shanghai HongKou Stadium
Shanghai, China


Wang Guan (Featherweight Champion) vs Sandro da Silva

Zhang Meixuan (Flyweight Champion) vs Ya Fei

Rodrigo Caporal (Lightweight Champion) vs Rasul Khairulaev

Wu Hoatian vs Amartuvshin Khuukhenkhuu<

Lu Zhenhong vs Hanjie


Amu Rijirigala vs Liu Xiaoyang

Zhou Yafei vs Ning Guangyou * Bout cancelled

Jiang Zhouwen vs Gao Yuan

Li Jixiang vs Ganbayar Tumurkhuyag

Wulakibieke Baheibieke vs Song Yadong

Baoyinna vs Yang Jianbing